Good Times, Baccy, Bourbon, and BBQ


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Feb 15, 2021
Massachusetts, USA
Took a ride a few hours North to my brother in laws place in New Hampshire yesterday for some family BBQ time. Figured I would crack a tin of some aged Balkan Sobrani for the occasion. Never had this blend before, and acquired the tin from a local pipe shop a while back after they had done some digging around in boxes of forgotten stuff in the back room. Unclear on the exact age, but am thinking it probably has a good 10 years on it. The vacuum seal still intact when I popped the lid, and immediately got my attention with the tin note. Moisture content seamed good enough to try without much extra drying time. Very impressed, smooth, complex, and very enjoyable smoke. Old Grandad "Bottled in Bond" 100 proof, pulled pork, and beef tri-tip all helped to round out the good times up there. It's not often enough we all get together, but hopefully that will change...sounds like there are budding plans to get together around the smoker at my place the next time around.


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Feb 21, 2013
Time with family always pays. You learn things you never heard growing up. You have relatives you know little about. Peoples' lives evolve in surprising ways, sometimes good ways. A little of that bourbon may loosen up the memories and tongues of some of the old folks. No harm in being well fed while you listen. By all means, keep the gatherings going.