Going to the Chicago Pipe Show? Do Us All A Favour

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Feb 21, 2013
A vicarious pipe show is better than no pipe show. I even liked the Sutliff tins handed out in the swag bags at the door. Those were some of the better aromatics that I've smoked. Their Westminster was a good English, not to be confused with GLP's well-admired Westminster, as was the Sutliff Great Outdoors. I got the last of the door prize MM cob caps which I wear regularly years later. SP brought me a Luciano pipe on spec and to save me shipping, which I promptly bought, and it was a great deal. I miss the shows.

Old Welder

Might Stick Around
Feb 13, 2021
Northern Illnoise
Went Friday . Really good for the small part of the show.
Though about going Saturday for the big part, But
Found what I was looking for and then more.
Met a pipe maker from my home town, really good people .
Picked up s chunk of pipe briar for $20.00 for my next pipe or three.

Last show was 2019.. at Pheasant run.. We were in aw at that show .. That was our first time,,,,


Starting to Get Obsessed
Nov 14, 2021
This was my first pipe show and it was awesome! Being in the presence of so many pipes after seeing them all online was truly amazing. Some of the artisan pipe makers were sitting at their tables and it was like being at a museum with the artist standing next to his painting. I'm sorry I didn't take photos but I do have pictures of the two pipes I picked up which I'm really happy about.

A 1960 Dunhill Bruyere prince in excellent shape and an Askwith sandblast. These were both estates and need some stem cleaning but super happy with them.


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