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Oct 13, 2021
F.A.T. = Free Aromatic Tobacco

Some do, some don't. Some will, some won't. I've tried and tried but repeatedly come up short.

They smell delicious in the tin. Some of them even hold a flame. :ROFLMAO: They provide a nuanced and delicious flavor - until they don't do it for me. I truly appreciate the attempt but I only seem to appreciate them in such small doses that it's not even worth the effort, and they ghost my pipes. If I kept them I'd need to jar them up but I think I'd rather pass them on.

To whom? To someone here who may be too new to, say, participate in a box pass or similar; but someone who is coming here regularly and participating / contributing to the group. Someone who is new enough that you are still exploring and would like to truly give these aromatics a try. Not someone who grabs everything just because it's free and not because it's a true exploration.

I've got an open tin of Ennerdale, Royal Yacht, Solani Blue. And after I took the picture, I remembered that I've got an unopened tin of Creme Brulee, or some custard-something-or-other, that I'll likely have even LESS INTEREST in opening than the first 3.

So send me a private message, maybe a little info on your journey with the leaf, and I'll choose someone and happily mail these off for free.

The ones I've opened are good quality tobaccos, they really are. I'm just looking for something different with my personal experience. At this time my journey is headed a different direction.




Jan 7, 2020
Recipient chosen.
I was tempted to try and please more than one but hey there's shipping costs...
One box should head out tomorrow.
This can be closed.
Nice! And congrats to the winner. Hopefully they chime in here with their reviews of the blends.
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