Gawith Hoggarth Vintage Cut

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Can't Leave
Sep 17, 2018
Illinois, USA
Is there any possibility that this will taste different than the regular shag cuts? Of course it sounds intriguing, but I just can't believe that the exact same blend will taste any different with a slightly different cut. I really like Kendall Dark as example, have tried the "thick cut" version and could not tell any discernable difference between it and the regular shag cut. Tasted exactly the same to me. My OCD/TAD always kicks in when these types of things are announced and I'm guessing that I really don't "need" another version of tobaccos I'm already stocked up on.


Can't Leave
Sep 14, 2010
Longs, South Carolina
Hey guys, couldn't help but weigh in here. Some folks might tastes some differences between some of the blends, but what's most interesting about this extension is the cut. Most pipe smokers aren't going to distinguish anything of note between the blends, but they should note significant differences in their smoking experiences on account of the cut width of the ribbon—the Vintage Cut offerings can burn much, much slower, which can promote breath-smoking and other smoking-cadence styles. I love shag tobacco. I also love ribbon because, like shag, it makes for an undemanding pack, but it can offer a smoker a wider range of smoking experiences. It's cool to have both options, I think.
Oct 7, 2016
It's cool to have both options, I think.
Would be even cooler if we had Rich Dark Honeydew (a/k/a Rich Dark Springdew), Grasmere Flake, Brown Flake Licorice (I suppose it would have to be called Brown Flake L to comply with naming regs), etc., as options :)

I do appreciate greatly the overall job Laudisi is doing in distributing GH. The product is fresher than it has been in at least 15 years and, truth be told, you do support a larger number of SKU's than most other importers would attempt.


Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
I ordered some of the Kendal Gold, always been meaning to try it, but never got around to ordering it. Recently when I did make an effort order it, it was sold out. Used to be GH was always available. A lot of people grumbling about Lakeland sauce and such...
Jun 23, 2019
Bring back the Grannies' Panties!

But more seriously, I do wish they would at least offer 1 or 2 of their blends with the original level of Lakeland 'sauce'. I'm not sure if it's just me but since the merger it feels like a lot of their Lakeland blends have mellowed out a lot.
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