Finally Got My Desk Arranged

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Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 7, 2023
Casa Grande, AZ
My desk had been a catch-all of clutter for years, and then last December I picked up my dad’s pipes and tobaccos for me to get going and it got worse….

Background in first pic is what I’ve been dealing with.

Found a cabinet today when we cleared out wife’s storage unit in anticipation of buying a property when we can find the right one.
Of course it took thinking about moving to get my space dialed in. Hauled an ancient computer and a couple of printers to goodwill, cleaned up and oiled cabinet that had been in unit for a dozen years, found a pipe rack at goodwill to put dad’s collection, and switched the results of my 4 months of PAD to his ole Iwan Ries carousel.
I think it’s much improved. I’m sure it’ll grow,but it’s a start!

Pipe collection pre-inherited from my dad are on left.

Doctor Chopper

Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 20, 2022
Really nice! Love how you are so organized with the cabinet. That should make your dad proud.

I always feel that when I make my spaces more organized, it makes my whole life feel organized and more in control.