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Feb 11, 2022
. . . always mobile
I actually found the joy of the filter by accident. I’ve been experimenting with methods of tobacco pack, fire control, draw velocity (not as fancy as it sounds), and tamp in an attempt to 1) have a delicious smoke and 2) enjoy a smoke with zero detritus coming down the stem into my mouth. [suggestions always welcome] When I repurposed a corn cob that had a paper filter in it for cannabis to now be a tobacco pipe, I was truly amazed (or was that just the residue?) by how delicious and clean the session was, in this case with Seattle Pipe Club Mississippi River Special Reserve. I am now putting balsa or paper filters into all pipes which will accommodate a filter. The filter often gets trimmed down with a very sharp knife. I do change out the filters with every post-session cleaning but I’ve got plenty of pipes so I’m not going through filters like I do pipe cleaners.


Can't Leave
Jul 6, 2021
Katy, TX USA
I use Dr. Perl Jr. 9mm Charcoal Filters as well as Graybow 6mm filters
I try to use 9mm or 6mm in the like-sized stems, too - it becomes troublesome if you mismatch these :rolleyes:

Although I linked each to the same retail site, I don't purchase exclusively from any particular source. Especially w/B&M stores that I visit, I try to stack my purchases with filters, pipe cleaners, etc to throw a bit more $$ to them.
I've also found it useful to add these supplies to online carts to push me over the "free shipping" minimum


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
I prefer the falcon foam filters in both 6mm and 9mm sizes. as with balsa they have minimal impact on the taste, and hold more moisture than balsa or charcoal.
not really a fan of filters personally and haven't tried the balsa ones but the falcon foam filters so seem to work as advertised and did seem to have less effect on the taste of the smoke then the charcoal or paper filters. And if they're too long for a pipe I think you could just snip them down to size.


Feb 21, 2013
I don't know any studies that prove anything, but balsa filters look better for reducing moisture than for filtering smoke. I surmise that charcoal filters are the most filtering, in terms of particulates, tars, and such, and also the most expensive. The paper filters probably do a little of each, moisture and filtering. I smoke about a bowl a day, sometimes none, sometimes three, so I don't use filters much. I have all three kinds on hand. I think they are useful for when you will smoke more than usual, like at pipe club, pipe show, or pipe shop.
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Dec 16, 2014
North Carolina
Don't usually use a filter, but when I'm feeling froggy I use balsa. My 6mm pipes I smoke wide open, and 9mm get fitted with an adapter. I don't seek out filter pipes, I'll buy one if I like the looks, and size.

Searock Fan

Oct 22, 2021
In case you missed it this is from a previous post. Hope it's useful. puffy

I have several Savinelli filter pipes I use to smoke an occasional aromatic. Here's how to save money on the filters. Instead of buying the actual filters. I go on ebay and buy a pack of balsa wood rods in the right size (3/16x1/8"). I cut them to length and that's it. Cost is about 10% the cost of filters and they work just as well. A tip: if you cut the ends on a slight angle the pipe draws better.