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Senior Member
Apr 26, 2012
For the last year or so I have been very content with my cobs and my Mr. Brog (great smoker). However the last couple of days the PAD itch has really been hitting me. I'm looking for suggestions for something that'll smoke well but won't get me yelled at by the wife, something in the Pete/Sav price range. I'd be particularly interested in hearing about pipe makers that you've stumbled across that have surprised you with their quality.



Senior Member
Apr 26, 2012
Thanks for the reply, the Tsuge's look nice, any idea how well they smoke? Neerup is also an unfamiliar name to me and I'll definitely look into them as well, and I am always watching out for good restored estate pieces. It's fun finding that diamond in the rough.



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
jonahtke, Savs are great pipes, with some available at moderate prices. Sooner or later you'll likely own

one, if not this round. FYI, most are set up to use balsa filters, but have adapters that allow you to use

the pipe without a filter. But if you prefer a non-filter pipe, you should know that their Oscar series does

not use filters. Also, at the economy end, you can get unfinished Savenelli's in several of their famous shapes

that don't use filters. These look pretty naked when you buy them, a bit like pinewood derby blacks (if you

were ever a Cub Scout). But after a few smokes, they begin to turn a golden brown, hiding the fills they have

as seconds. Eventually, a bit like Meerschaums, they have an elegant "finish" of deep honey brown that shows

off the grain and pretty well hides the fills. I have two of these that are about 30 years old, a billiard and

a zulu, and they smoke better than ever. These sell through cupojoes.com at about $44 to $48. Your wife

might tolerate that. (Maybe the color doesn't hide the fills; perhaps camouflage would be a better term.)



Preferred Member
Jan 25, 2012
All good suggestions posted so far. I'd go with a Stanwell or even a Peterson. I've had good luck with all my entry level Petes.



Oct 19, 2011
I have a Savinelli. It's a great smoker, but I think it's a bit too heavy and maybe a tad bit long for me to clench comfortably.
It looks something like this pipe:

The 127 is a Lovat, mine is a 128, a straight Billiard. The 127 is listed as ~40 grams, so I think it's safe for me to assume mine is also in the 40-50gm ballpark.
Really, it depends on your smoking preferences. Do you like a lighter pipe? Savinelli does have some lighter ones, but those are listed as "Pocket" pipes, meaning they are shorter. If you don't want to sacrifice length for weight, many of Savinelli's pipes may be a bit heavier for clenching (many seem to be between 50-60 grams).
Meanwhile, Stanwell does seem to have some lighter pipes, many of which are 30-40 grams. Their featherweight pipes are even 20-30 grams while maintaining a "standard length" (that I consider being 5"+ for a straight pipe). The tradeoff is that the chambers are a tad smaller.
I cannot comment on Peterson Pipes apart from the fact that I like their bent Dublin. After all, it is the shape that defines them.
Now if you generally hold your pipes while you smoke, I suppose this all this information is irrelevant. For myself, I would like to get one of the lighter Stanwells as my next mid-range pipe. However, my heart and wallet (once I can afford another) is still waiting for the next Radice...
Good luck.

Edit: BAM! This was my 100th post and I'm now a member!



Preferred Member
Jun 16, 2012
Nice Swilly!
I will throw my two cents and a dollar in for the Tsuge pipes. Absolutely my favorite pipe in my rotation and at the $60 price that's really saying a lot. It smoked great from the first bowl and only gets better everytime I smoke. I've put about 4 ounces through it between Escudo, Stonehaven, and Old Dark Fired and it delivers everytime. For me it is the perfect sized pipe, a bit on the smaller side but perfect for flakes and perfect for clenching, both of which are my M.O..
I do think their are some great values to be had in other brands, bu I wouldn't hesitate to add a second, third, or fourth Tsuge to my collection.



Preferred Member
Mar 19, 2013
I'd go with a Pete Kildare or Shannon 999. Great in hand, easy break-in, reasonably priced. Got mine at an Irish shop on ebay with free shipping for under $100 each.
Also at the same shop got a Killarney Red 69, haven't had time to break it in, but it is a beautiful pipe for under $80.
Have fun shopping. What ever you choose - enjoy !!!



Preferred Member
Jul 27, 2012
I'd go with a Stanwell or even a Peterson. I've had good luck with all my entry level Petes.
You cannot go wrong with a Sav or a Stanwell, but I too would add Peterson to the list if one of their models really grabs you. The lower-priced models aren't quite as good as Savs or Stanwells and the break-in of a lower-end Pete can be a b*tch, but overall, they are still a decent pipe.

Mar 18, 2013
Among the brands mentioned, the quality will be similar between any two pipes in terms of engineering, but each has their own style and standards of shaping and finishing. Some brands I think have a better replication of classic shapes, others are more imaginative or modern. In finishing, some are more bold or flashy and others more reserved. It comes down to personal preference (I don't right stating mine, being on the retail side of things). Some also may have options with or without filters or bowl coats, depending on your preferences, which are some considerations you may or may not have thought of yet.
Off of the top of my head: Brigham, Tsuge, Savinelli, Stanwell, Peterson's, Luciano, Nording, Neerup, Johs, Vauen, Brebbia, Chacom, and Butz-Choquin all have good pipes in this price range. I may be forgetting a few.



Preferred Member
Jul 12, 2011
Ah PAD, when it hits, it is a force that can not be stopped....
I would go for a nice hand-made Boswell, I have 4 or 5 of them,

all outstanding smokers and it won't break the bank ;-)
+1 on Savs and Stanwell's (if you like Lucite stems, Stanwell is the

way to go for a budget, also have several of them and all great

smokers; use some for English and some for Vs/VaPers, etc)

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