Favorite Places to Smoke, and Public Piping Etiquette

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Oct 7, 2021
Southwest of Mpls., MN
MN is thawed out enough to break out the pipes again!

Last year I was just toying with the hobby, but now I'm actively using it to get space to think.
Most of my smoking happens in the garage, or while I mow the lawn.
I've got a lawn chair in the garage and it is pretty good for reading a book with a pipe.
I don't smoke in the house.
I would smoke in the truck or van, but not with the kids (or wife). Too bad because I don't find I ever get out without at least one kid in tow...
Attempting to start a bicycle hobby, the kids and I can enjoy some adventure biking the trails here, to playgrounds, fishing holes, etc...

There are lots of parks around, paths in the woods.
I'm not sure if it is "taboo" to smoke in public places outside my own property, and am feeling a little sheepish about it.

Lake boardwalk.
Wooded trails.
Playground (with my kids).

I'm going to go exploring and pushing boundaries anyway, but it seems wise to ask the forums' experience:
Anybody piping out in the wild and is it "socially unacceptable"?
Any courtesy you personally would keeping in mind?

Any recommended (non-specific) "favorite places" you enjoy smoking?


Feb 21, 2013
Any situations where people are gathered are not promising; someone is going to have a problem with any smoking, either from legitimate health concerns (asthma, COPD, etc.) or from a driving desire to tell someone else what not to do.

Out in the country, the woods, the wilds, just be aware of the fire conditions. In prone areas, it takes very little to get one of these fire storms going, now more than ever.

On someone else's property, like talking with your neighbor in their yard, ask permission and comply if the answer is no -- simple courtesy.

Don't leave anything discarded that is visible litter. Extinguished ashes deposited on the ground seem okay. Wrappers, tins, cigar bands, spent matches, anything that needs picking up, no.

The place should look like you haven't been there after you leave.


Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 16, 2019
I've contemplated this myself as most public areas including parks explicitly prohibit smoking. The only way to know is to look up the park/city/municipality regulations. Even most nontraditional lodging options (airbnb, VRBO, etc.) prohibit smoking anywhere on the property, even if out in the lawn. I get it since nobody want to pipe up others' cigarette butts.


Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 16, 2015
Sacramento, CA
I feel okay about smoking my pipe while I'm walking my dog through the neighborhood but if I'm passing another walker I will resist puffing for a while so I'm not forcing them to walk through my smoke. When I get to the park where the playground is, I either have to stop smoking entirely or I need to bypass the park because smoking is forbidden. Besides that, I feel weird about smoking where kids play.

Wooded trails and campsites should be fair game though. With the caveat that we should be aware of fire danger like MSO mentioned. That's probably less of an issue for you in Minnesota than it is for me in California.


Part of the Furniture Now
Dec 3, 2021
Bagshot Row, Hobbiton
I probably should be more courteous ... it would help me cut down on smoking! If there is a no smoking sign I don't, and I don't in stores, shopping or businesses. Otherwise ... it depends on whether I want to or not ... its also great if you want to avoid most people ... they simply run away ... or maybe that's from the crazed look ! 🤪 :ROFLMAO: