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Oct 29, 2011
State College,PA
It's been a watershed summer for me. One that makes a father proud, frightened and when alone brings tears to his eyes.

My oldest son graduated from college. He is the quiet, serious and sensitive one. Never a natural student, he had to work hard for the grades. Many,if not most nights the light in his room was on well past midnight as he studied. He finished in 4 years with a GPA in his major of 3.6 and with 4 minors. I know he'll be moving out soon and it feels like I've been kicked in the gut.

His younger brother just returned from OCS at Quantico, and he will be commissioned when he graduates from PSU next year. While watching him on the parade deck at graduation I kept thinking of him playing army in the backyard with his friends. And too soon it will be for real.

Both of them have done more by age twenty one and twenty two than I had dreamed of at their age. But isn't that what sons are supposed to do?

Still, I close my eyes and see them with backpacks bigger than they are, walking into the school on the first day of school and I'd give everything to do it all over again.

Thanks for listening.



Jul 31, 2012
I know the feeling man. I have three sons, all of them in the service, 2 have been overseas in the big sandbox.

The eldest just made me a grandpa. So between my dad and me and my son and grandson we have 4 generations

of William J.'s. There really are just no words to explain the love and pride that I feel for my boys and my little girl.


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Dec 28, 2011
Topeka, KS
Wonderful post, Carlo, and I'm listening to the footsteps coming up behind me. Thank you for sharing this with all of us.
From one Dharma Bum and jar head dad to another, I'm as proud of your sons as I am my own.



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Feb 14, 2011
My first born son turned 1 month old yesterday. All I keep hearing from our friends and folks at church is to cherish every moment because they grow up so fast. So when I'm rocking him to sleep at night after a feeding, and he doesn't want to go back to sleep, I just keep reminding myself that in no time at all I will wish I could cradle him in my arms and rock him.
Congratulations on your boys. In my opinion, a lot of times the men they turn out to be is a reflection of the man they grew up admiring...



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Jan 14, 2012
Southwest Louisiana
I know the feeling, comeing home one day in the afternoon the radio broke in with the news we were bombing Iraq, the first Desert Storm, my son had been training for some unspecified misson(82 AirBorne) I pulled my truck over and cried like a baby, I knew what I had been thru and that a lot of young men would perish,The old Cajun



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Oct 20, 2010
My son finished high school and had his first job intereview. He is trying to turn his volunteer position into a paying position. I gave him the best advice I could, wear shoes to interview, don't put your feet on the interviewer's desk etc.



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Jun 2, 2012
I face my kid's growing up with both fear and anticipation. My son is almost 7 and he's already reading and comprehending way, way past his grade level. His sister is 3 and she's taking after him with the use of giant words and hilarious stories. I see so many parents today content to allow their kids little minds to rot away while they ignore them or worse display the worst kind of behavior in front of them, and I thank God for that small number who I feel are like me and understand that we need to love our kids and to teach them to be the leaders of tomorrow's world. Carlo, it's inspiring to see someone who has raised good sons who know what it means to work and struggle. I know it will pay off for them. My prayers are with your younger son should he ever be placed in harm's way. I am thankful for his service and your parenting that led him there.



May 23, 2012
My oldest son turns 14 today. The last year finished middle school as his student counsel president, selected for all-county or all-star football and baseball teams, did the morning announcements for his school, A-B honor roll, lead in the school play, made his catholic confirmation, has a dog sitting business, and is a great big brother (most of the time). Starting HS in a few weeks, all honors classes, selected for ROTC, and just learned that he will be on varsity football team for a big time HS football program. I suppose all those whoopins' paid off!
I also have a 10 year old that is following his brothers footsteps.



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Feb 1, 2010
It's been a watershed summer for us too. My son is 15 and we've been raising him as a girl. This year he finally manned up and told us "No more! I want a pair of man jeans and a shotgun!" I was so proud of him, I got him a Remington 870. He keeps saying "Thanks Dad, hope you sleep like a Menedez tonight!" I don't sleep well now but am proud of him.

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