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Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 9, 2011
1) Stanwell 140 Colonial

2)Bob's Chocolate Flake

3)Iced Tea

4)Reading a book till my eyes tire,then donning the headphones till I fall asleep

5)Getting up early in the summer pre dawn and watching the sunrise from my beach chair at the New Jersey shore



Part of the Furniture Now
Jul 16, 2013
My falcon.




Smoking leaves and bark at 9 years old in a home made cob with my little brother hiding from my parents.



Feb 6, 2013
Whoa, that Peretti is your favorite pipe! That warms my heart.
Sam it is far and away my favourite pipe. It is a wonderful smoker, has great character, the blast is outstanding, and it is easy to hold and clench. That it was gifted to me by a resto-brother of the briar takes it over the top. Actually, my #2 pipe was another gift, it's the Rollar/Tinsky I received from Peck in the secret Santa.
-- Pat



Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 30, 2011
A no name pipe from Holland I got at a B&M.

Dunhill Flake

Coffee, or some kind of Cranberry juice

The Album Leaf, Sigur Ros, or Explosions in the Sky

Reading C.S. Lewis' Out of the Silent Planet for the first time, outside the door of mine and my girlfriend's first apartment, with The Album Leaf playing the background, Autumn sun setting- casting a purple-reddish hue over everything.



May 30, 2012
Since I gave a no answer in my original post, I've had time to think about the questions. Here we go.
1. My LVC Meer

2. At the moment, Balkan Sobranie

3. Coffee

4. Music (old classics like Bing/Frank/Nat)

5. I had just taken up pipe smoking about 2 years ago and was on an annual beach trip with my buddies. One morning I got up early and packed a bowl in a Dr. Grabow estate and stood at the waters edge on a cool sunrise morning. It was a moment I will not forget. It was perfect.



Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 5, 2014
This is a pretty cool thread. It's interesting and fun, building "character profiles" for all of you, based on your favs. :lol:



Dec 5, 2012
Bronx, NY
Great thread
Without mentioned pipes and drinks, favorite memories are happening all of the time. Best is gathering with friends, outside, by the water in the Hamptons, NY, watching the sunset, just smoking and sitting there...



Aug 28, 2013
1. A Tsuge camellia that my wife gave me last Christmas. It also smokes like a dream.

2. H & H Magnum Opus- something about it reminds me of the taste of the tobacco the first time I tried smoking in the mid 70's

3. Coffee

4. Book and Music

5. Not me smoking, but my grandad smoked a pipe for a brief time, trying to quit cigarettes. I have the clearest picture in my mind of squeezing in his smoking room with him and my dad, watching the 1968 World Series, cheering for the Cards.



Part of the Furniture Now
Aug 24, 2013
1. What's your favorite pipe?

Castello diamond-shanked apple, graded "Castello G"
2. What's your favorite tobacco?

Probably Escudo.
3. What's your favorite drink?

Probably an Islay scotch, though I have been leaning more heavily towards Highlands lately.
4. When it's time to relax, is it a book, a movie or music?

Book and music.
5. What's your favorite pipe smoking memory? (Such a great question IMHO)

Smoking my pipe as I canoed through the Okefenokee Swamp on a day that went from dreary to bright sunlight. Gators swimming around and strange rustlings of things from the trees that I'm glad didn't fall in to my boat. That was when I first started smoking - it was a cheap pipe, and Old Gowrie, and it was perfect.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 25, 2014
United States
1) Lorenzo Eleganza Sigma
2) Dunhill My Mixture 965
3) Black Coffee
4) For relaxing I like to either listen to music or read. To de-stress I love to go on long runs or bike rides. It's great for getting your mind off a crummy day.
5) My favourite pipe smoking memory is from when I was camping with all my friends the week before we all went our separate ways and left our hometown for our respective colleges. We were sitting around a campfire at 2 in the morning having some of our last discussions and I had a cob hanging out of my mouth. It was a bittersweet but perfect night.



Part of the Furniture Now
Oct 31, 2013
1. An old Comoy sandblasted billiard, shape 64.

2. Probably Chelsea Morning.

3. Black coffee until 3pm, Laphroaig Quarter Cask thereafter.

4. Books. Always books.

5. Spring 2007 reading My Antonia on the quad with Stratford in a Lorenzo Canadian, probably. Or last 6 June, walking up in the hills with my dog herding the sheep the city puts there to trim the grass, smoking some old Kensington on my birthday.



Might Stick Around
Oct 9, 2012
Salida, CA
This is a great thread! It's always something I look forward to in the interviews. To bump this and hopefully get some more responses I will post my fast five.
1 straight billiards
2 Sutliff Country Estate though I am still seeking that perfect blend.
3 Craft and home brewed beer. Water when I smoke. Gin and Tonic at the bar.
4 Making music with the wife
5 This past spring my wife and I drove up to Portland, OR for a little sight seeing and relaxation. It's about a ten hour drive and about four hours into it my wife asks I brought my pipes. "Yes..." Unexpectedly she tells me that I should have a bowl. I remind her that we're in her car and expect her to withdraw her recommendation. She doesn't. I load up a bowl and as Mt. Shasta comes into view my wife and I are talking pipes and tobacco. It was something of a turning point for her. Not that she was against smoking but she always was against smelling it on or around me. Maybe someday she'll even let me enjoy a smoke in the living room. Or would that be too hopeful?



Can't Leave
Mar 6, 2013
1. My homemade bent freehand.

2. Stokkebey English Oriental Supreme.

3. Strong Coffee or iced tea.

4. Reading or browsing the web.

5. A great day hiking in the woods behind my house with my youngest daughter. I had a pipe that never eneded, and never went out. My daughter who was 9 at the time, led the hike, took us through some crazy terrain, and took us back to the house with perfect orienteering.



Starting to Get Obsessed
May 28, 2013
Savanelli bent billiard
Peterson summertime 2013
Watching the Mets
Ice fishing in the Adirondacks. Jigging for lakers and sipping on my pipe.

Mar 1, 2014
I'm sure some of these will change soon, but just for the record.
1. Vauen 3606 (though I'm already looking for something to replace it, before I started I assumed I would prefer a bent stem).

2. Samuel Gawith St. James Flake (that doesn't look like it's changing any time soon).

3. Earl Grey.

4. None of thee above. I like my relaxation to be interactive.

5. Sitting on a hill in the evening watching the sun peek through the clouds over a lush spring pasture being grazed by the family horses.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Mar 4, 2014
That all depends on many factors, temperature, humidity, time of day, rested or tired from work, what I have eaten or if I havent eaten at all, where I'm at, what I'm doing, how long I've been there, why I'm there, what kind of day or night I've had, who is there with me, or if I'm alone, what my most immediate plans are, if I am about to or are having, or have had sex, what mood I am in. What ever I am smoking,in what ever pipe I have it, what ever I am drinking , watching or reading is my favorite right at that moment.



Can't Leave
Nov 9, 2013
Hey meatball, I have the same pipe as your favorite! It was my very first pipe!
1. Karl Erik Freehand

2. Peterson Irish Flake

3. Coffee! I was a barista for a summer gig and love coffee in all its forms. At night, herbal tea.

4. After long hard nights, a movie. When I'm less tired I love a good book.

5. Introducing my buddy Zak to piping. He'd never smoked before and was curious because he liked the smell of a cigar I smoked once. Loaded up a MM with good cherry aro and he loved it. I hadn't seen him in six months. We just sat on the porch, drinking soda, catching up and laughkng for at least an hour. I miss him, we live states apart. I sent him off with the cob and tin of cherry, along with some pipe naizls and cleaners. He loves a good smoke now, he says it helps him study .



May 15, 2014
1. Ligne Bretagne bent bulldog

2. Frog Morton's Cellar

3. Mount Gay 1703 rum if we are talking spirits otherwise and fresh high quality Chinese oolong

4. It should be book and/or music but I do love a good film and often its the easiest to share with loved ones.

5. Smoking a pipe after atop a frozen waterfall in Denali National Park that I had just climbed.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Jan 28, 2013
I really only wanted to reply to say thanks for this awesome thread. The #5 question is just fantastic and I love reading everyones responses. Here's mine:
1. No kidding - a straight Missouri Pride corncob. I love the unplastered look and feel, and of course it always smokes perfect.

2. Villiger 1888 Mid-Day or PS Luxury Twist Flake. Or Solani 633. I hate this question!

3. Cheerwine!

4. Video Games.

5. I just bought a Peterson Standard System 30 similar to this:

but more apple shaped. I got in my truck for the ~6 hour drive down to Atlanta for a job and about 30 minutes on the road I loaded up the new pete' with Mac Baren's Navy Flake. That brand new pipe smoked perfectly for almost two hours. I was blasting old punk rock and puffing away heading down for a new exciting job and I was practically in heaven.



Part of the Furniture Now
Apr 4, 2014
I've been a member of the forum for about 8 months and have slowly been playing catch up (I just finished episode 71). Every episode I have been answering in my head my own responses with the guest and for the most part, the answers have usually been the same.

1. A Boswell's Shot Shell my GF got me for my bday last year

2. 2015, Escudo or ODF

3. Laphroaig or Double Black Label

4. A movie

5. I've never had a really good answer for this question until last week. I took a mini trip by myself to visit with some friends and family. While on the road I managed to smoke 8 bowls and listen to 9 episodes and all the while kept thinking how awesome it was. Every time the questions came up, I kept thinking to myself, this is it.

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