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Starting to Get Obsessed
May 18, 2015
Well done, I always set my limits on ebay when bidding. Every pipe I have gotten from there has been a good deal. I also try to wait until a new pipe, from a certain manufacturer that I love, goes on sale with the online retailers. Some have been just ok deals. I try to search to see what these pipes have sold previously by other sellers and go from their. If however, you are having a one of a kind consignment pipe made for you, well then all bets are off. LOL
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Nov 26, 2018
There is only one pipe that I'm looking for. Passed on same said pipe number of times due to imperfect shape, grain pattern, and so on. Picking a production pipe that fits some form of "near perfection" is taking crap load of time.
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Might Stick Around
Mar 7, 2020
Shelby township Michigan, 48315
Good for you, I set my max bid walk away and if I win great; if not another one will surface eventually.

Is it me or have the estate ebay prices increased slightly in the last few months?

I assume this is due to lack of estate sales limiting inventory and having half the country on lockdown shopping on line.
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Aug 20, 2013
My goal with auctions was to save money and win, and I always saved money and mostly won.

Most guys will only bid for a substantial reduction. If I bid that I probably wouldn't win. I would get what I thought was a lower retail price and split the difference between it and the lowest price, thus outbidding the bottom guys, and thus get a win at a lesser discounted price.

And believe me, those guys at "Cigar Bid" have crunched the numbers, and they will be as happy with profiting 5% as 20.
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Starting to Get Obsessed
Feb 7, 2020
I have been following them for awhile...they seem to pop up in batches every so often...there are two straight versions that I know of and I have seen what appears to be a bent apple..

I just got took on fleaBay, bought a really nice red one (well it appeared to be nice in the picture) paid for it and never received it...so ebay stepped in and did get me my refund a few days ago.

My current crop...


I have noticed different style bits, some saddle some not and some like the yellow one with a decorative two tier line on the bowl which itself has a slightly upward taper unlike the Dukes I normally see.