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Jun 5, 2019

Esoterica Pembroke Choice English, Cognac Blend. I’ve been smoking Pembroke for a good while. It readily ignites and stays lit in my big bowl. J.F. Germain’s tobacco shares at least that consistency along with their signature essence and familiar tastes.


Pembroke being an institution of high regard overseas, it’s also an institution of higher education in N.C.. I remember a “college visit” in high school checking out UNC Wilmington. A glorified beach trip really. But we drove through the Pembroke campus on the return trip.
A trip with this Pembroke is recommended. Big bowls do it favors.

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Junior Member
Sep 6, 2019
New Mexico
Pembroke is great, I really like the balance of the cognac & tobacco flavors. And it seems to be more available than some of Esoterica's other blends.
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Preferred Member
May 8, 2017
Sugar Grove, IL, USA
Excellent tobacco. I’d say it would appeal the many of the folks who liked the original Frog Morton. Not that they taste the same, but it’s more approachable than many English blends, so one might label it a crossover blend. Even more of a crossover is the similar Smokers’ Haven Cognac blend. Some have contended that they are the same tobaccos, but there are differences.

Smokers’ Haven Cognac is available for order right now here.


Preferred Member
Feb 1, 2010
I started out trying Margate and really liked it, but when I learned that Pembroke was the same only with Cognac added, I had to try it. Now I prefer Pembroke to Margate.

I agree. The cognac adds a unique twist to it and mellows the blend a bit without making it duller.
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New member
Sep 29, 2019
To me, Pembroke is one of the best things esoterica puts out. I have heard it said that if esoterica was part of another company or something, and released the blends under a different name unknown to people, that the reaction would be that it was nothing special. Pembroke makes me disagree. I really feel that Pembroke is something unique in the pipe tobacco world!


Senior Member
Apr 24, 2019
I just finished a rather large bowl of Pembroke this evening. This was my first as I just opened an 8 oz bag of it. I think it is quite good but it seems more sensitive to cadence compared to some other blends I have tried. There was a more pronounced difference in flavors depending on how fast or slow I was puffing. The sweet spot for me was very narrow. The burn was also surprisingly slower than I would have guessed when looking at the cut. An enjoyable smoke that I need to spend some more time with to fully appreciate I think.


Preferred Member
Oct 10, 2013
Tobacco water content is measured by weighing a sample, then heating the sample (driving off the moisture) until the weight stops decreasing. Deduct the final weight from the original weight to find the weight of the water content. Usually expressed as a percentage.

Relative Humidity is the measure of moisture in the air, not in the product.

You can talk about what the ideal Relative Humidity is for manufacturing, storing or smoking tobacco, but that does not tell you the actual water content.
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Preferred Member
May 23, 2019
While I do prefer Margate, Pembroke is also some excellent stuff. Pack it tight. I just tried some Tilbury for the first time, and I have to say I think it is probably the most underrated (or at least under discussed) of the Esoterica blends I have had so far. Super smooth tobacco.


Preferred Member
May 12, 2015
Monterey Peninsula
Can you explain how and what you’re measuring to conclude 90% RH?
Absolutely! I use a small hygrometer, place the tobacco to be measured in a Mason or Ball jar, wait about 24 hours, and take a reading. At 70º, you get a reading which can be converted to a moisture content equivalent. (Which I don't do, as what's the point?) Since almost no one has a moisture content reading instrument, a hygrometer is the next best thing, Can be had for five bucks or less.

With a few of these things in hand, you can dry multiple batches of tobacco, and be assured you're not over drying. You will have a good idea as to what is wet, dry or just right tobacco to load and smoke. I am always surprised to learn no one else does this.
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