Epic Box Pass 2020. 12-20-2019

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Preferred Member
Jan 16, 2012
Eatonville, WA
Can I ask a dumb question? Thanks.

How does this work? Do you select something from the box and replace it with something of your own? 1 item? As many as you want?

Is the idea to keep it going in perpetuity and it becomes the “gift that keeps giving” as it keeps going around? Does it ever stop?

Thanks, this is new to me.
Check out the initial post. It explains all the rules.


Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2019
What a big box of goodies:



Preferred Member
Jun 23, 2019
Wow what a hefty box, I just had a chance to unbox it all and lay 'em out in its entirety:

The tins in the first picture are sealed ones (I'll most likely be adding to this); the tins in the second picture are open but pretty full - a good opportunity to sample some big name blenders/forum favorites like Plum Pudding (will likely also add to this category); and, a whimsy collection of miscellaneous goodies (will also try to find something to add to this).

I'm still taking my time with the different Ziplocks (some of the Sharpie written labels are starting to scratch off!), but I already have my eye on the Luxury Bullseye Flake!

Another problem is that some of the Ziplocks aren't sealed perfectly and have become pretty dry, I'll probably repackage the lot into a new box/trashbag it all and throw in a Boveda pack or two.

Richmond B. Funkenhouser

Preferred Member
Dec 6, 2019
On second thought, I think this is a good opportunity to pass on this. I can sample aromatics until I'm sick, on smokingpipes, with the 40 bucks it'll cost to ship that thing. Go ahead with your audit, sir.
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Staff member
May 12, 2015
Carmel Valley, CA
Oh dang good point, forgot about the four months and 100 post requirement. Next time!
Welcome from the Central Coast of California!

You can put your location in your Profile, (because people will forget!) and which will save questions in the future as to where you live when you later mention local stores, weather, tobacco prices, availability, regulations, location of photos, etc., etc..
Under your avatar, (top right, left most of three symbols) you choose "Account Details", which brings up "My Account". "My Location" is halfway down.