English Recommendation?

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Can't Leave
Sep 11, 2019
Wausau, Wis
English is such a wide genre that it really depends on finding the ones that suit you. I'm a fan of several C&D English blends -- Old Joe Krantz, Billy Budd, Stratfordshire, Bayou Night, and Tuggle Hall included. Good old 965 is a dependable English, and of course, Nightcap. And so many others. I smoke enough blends with no Lat, that I don't get burnt out on it. But it is true, to me anyway, that Lat and Perique are overdone as default condiments in English blends.
I trust mso's suggestions, though I have only tried Stratfordshire amongst these and definitely resoundingly echo that rec. I am a big fan of C&D's Super Balkan as well. But for something a little different, try C&D's Habana Daydream. The chopped cigar adds a certain je ne sais quoi that doesn't scream "CIGAR" but really deepens the smoke.

And then there is Balkan Supreme (I've only smoked the Arango-labelled version).

Also, you can (probably) never go wrong with any English/Balkan blend by G.L. Pease. I love Quiet Nights and Samarra. Still have yet to try many others, but his reputation precedes him and I have no doubt in the excellence the many tins and ounces I have waiting for the perfect moment.


Part of the Furniture Now
May 9, 2021
In addition to others mentioned:

Levant, Blairgowrie and Trafalgar by Drucquer & Sons are worth trying.

Plus many, many more. A tin at a time…and I recommend you try as many as you can.