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New member
Dec 4, 2019
What do y'all do with empty tins? It seems like a waist to just throw them out and it takes decades for empty tins/cans to have any value. I can see a few uses like holding screws, in tackle boxes, in tool boxes, etc. But beyond those uses, I can't think of anything else.


Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
The art off many tins would make a nice montage from the brands that specialize in art. Once art is removed, the tins would make nice projects for children to affix their own art or art from magazines to make a container for their treasures -- small seashells, postage stamps, buttons, etc. Tubs or tall tins make a way to keep a pipe kit in the car, truck, or boat.


Preferred Member
Sep 9, 2017
Redundant tins I use to store hardware (Chicago screws, &c.). Most tins, however, I keep as collectible items. Since most of my purchases have been all different blends, that means I only have one redundant tin. 😖

I coopted the tin of Sillem's Black to keep my rosaries in: it just smells so good as to make you think of Heaven.


Staff member
Apr 8, 2009
I trash most of my tins. I used to try and keep them, but the amount that I smoke, they were quickly adding up.

I do keep a few of the types that have the plastic lid that snaps on such as C&D, McClelland, GLPease, etc. to put bulk tobacco in.
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Preferred Member
Jul 10, 2018
Las Vegas
Oddly enough, empty tins as well as cigar boxes and empty bottles of better alcohol can be sold on sites like OfferUp.

They don't necessarily bring a lot but it's better than a poke in the eye with a sharp stick (or a dull stick for that matter) and it's better than just throwing them in the trash. Kinda like recycling.

I've actually gotten decent money out of some bottles.
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