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Briar Lee

Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
Today I attended the visitation of a man who helped harvest 370 acres of my father’s crops that were still in the fields, when he suddenly died in 1971.

Russell Madison put into practice the Greatest Commandment, that we should love others more, than we love ourselves. He would not even accept his fuel money for helping a widow and orphan.

I never forgot.

Russell was a working man. who labored hard all of his 86 years. He used to to smoke cigarettes, cheap cigars, and occasionally a pipe until he quit after heart bypass surgery, about thirty years ago.

After the service I ate at the local cafe and went into the cheap liquor and smoke shop that is one of the few thriving businesses left in Humansville. They sell Half and Half for $3.50 a pouch.

But beside the Half and Half, was a pipe tobacco I’d never seen. Dutch Masters Cavendish, by Sutliff, and only $4 a pouch.

Any company that names their product after what used to be a famous nickel cigar is after the Prince Albert demographic in a major way.


16C439C6-0DA2-4699-B1CE-6DB5DC41E3EA.jpegThis is primarily a whiskey flavored burley like Prince Albert, Velvet or SWR with some Virginias present, and an anise top note.

It is surprisingly good. The burley is nutty, there’s a citrus note, and it’s sweet, mild, flavorful and stays lit. It’s an all day smoke, made for hard working men like Russell Madison.

I came back to the farm, filled up a Lee Star Grade and enjoyed a bowl of Dutch Masters Cavendish, and watched a stump burn my renters lit to help keep the place clean.

I wish I had a Dr. Grabow handy, for this blend.

EBCB3A99-FDA4-41D1-A1D6-0A2BE28B2DF6.jpegIf they’d named it after a pirate, they’d want $10 a pouch.


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Briar Lee

Part of the Furniture Now
Sep 4, 2021
Humansville Missouri
I believe that is what used to be branded old grandad pipe tobacco.
I’m on my third bowl and this is delicious tobacco.

Now that you’ve mentioned it, the package uses the same gold color with the same orange label cover as Old Grandad tobacco.

It likely was some falling out over royalty payments that caused the switch of names.

But in old style Ozark culture there are people who will go to a beer joint and those who will not.

After the service those that go to beer joints went there and the rest of us went to eat in the cafe.

I’d never carry around a pouch of tobacco named for a whiskey.

My ancestors aren’t buried deep enough, for that.



Feb 21, 2013
If this is from Sutliff, why hasn't it been more generally advertised and/or distributed? I've never heard of either version, Old Grandad nor Dutch Masters, and I've kicked around the online and pipe shop circuit for decades. It's sounds pretty good, or it could be. Whisky blends depend a lot on how the flavoring is achieved. It can be remote, cloying, or just right, and everything in between.


Might Stick Around
May 3, 2020
It is made by sutliff. The pouch I started with was not goopy at all, smokes easily and has a nice easygoing flavor that is not very overpoweringly sweet. You can still tell it's tobacco, but it has a whiskey zip.

50 times better than a Borkum Riff Instant Tongue Burn whiskey cavendish