Dropped Pipe (resurrected thread)

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Preferred Member
Oct 28, 2020
Just finished reading through some old, closed threads and laughing plus sighing along with those having such mishaps.

Thought it was time to get into this, continuing in my nosy manner LOL!!!

When did you last drop your pipe? From your mouth? Your hand?

I dropped a new Former pipe out of my mouth onto the sidewalk--dumb ass ding on the top edge. 1500 and 2000 grit sandpaper, some leather dye, and carnuba was on teh buffin wheel and my bifocals can't see shit anymore when I look it over LOL!

Anybody drop theirs? Where? I would laugh my ass off if you dropped yours in the shitter or while cleaning up the dog poop in the yard--come on....'fess up!


Preferred Member
May 6, 2011
Olathe, Kansas
It has to have been 40 years ago when I had this Nording that for whatever reason decided it didn't want to be held anyway and fell out of my hand on to the linoleum covered concrete floor. Snapped the shank clean in two. If I have only known @georged at that time it could have easily made whole. But, I didn't it so we chucked it in the trash.

Ragin Cajun

Junior Member
Nov 11, 2021
New iberia, LA
Last time i dropped a pipe, I was in a local pipe/cigar store looking at some meerschaum pipes. I picked one up to look at it, and dropped it on the floor. The owner was sitting there watching me. So i picked it up and looked at it. it did not appear to be damaged. But from the look on the owenr's face, i figured i had just bought a pipe. So i took it to the counter and said" I'll take this one." I still have it. it's a pretty good pipe.


Preferred Member
Jul 11, 2014
Let's see now. I've been smoking my pipe for about 8 yrs. I've had numerous pipe mishaps, including dropping or knocking them off a rack or table.
I've actually pierced a briar chamber through the bottom with my Czech tool.
I laffed at a playful cat climbing a tree to show off for me as I clenched a valued Linkman's Tru-Grain and down it went to the pavement and broke the shank into 3 pcs. I later epoxied it back together and it smokes perfectly.
Often, mishaps occur to favorite pipes. Why? They're the ones we're using. ergo.


May 1, 2014
Younger bro got into pipes for short while and one Christmas, at least 25 years back, sent me a lovely bent Savinelli. I'd never had a pipe this nice, was still in grad school, so this was a big deal. I think it was the second or third time smoking, I was taking a turn outside around the apartment complex, snow on the ground, perfect smoking weather, relaxing and beautiful, and just as I approach my door to go inside, it slips from my mouth and managed to land, just exactly so, NOT on the snowy ground but on the concrete, right on the mouthpiece, and just snapped the stem clean. I could not believe it. Seemed impossible but there it was. Grievous.