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Feb 23, 2013
I know that pipe can last longer than smoker’s lifetime, still not every pipe last forever. When your pipe goes to garbage? Not because of burnout or breakage, just because you say “I can’t tolerate this thing anymore”.



Preferred Member
Dec 14, 2009
Birmingham, AL
When your pipe goes to garbage?

Just kidding. :D
The only pipe I can think that may end up as you suggest... might be a cob.

But, as for a briar pipe or meerschaum... Never.

When one gets to the “I can’t tolerate this thing anymore” stage it's time to refurbish it....


(In the 30-mumble years I've been smoking pipes, I have traded two, and had one stolen, and have given a couple as gifts... but have never discarded one.) (I still have my first cob... that I bought 20-25 years ago... still smoke it too.) I squeak when I walk. :D



Preferred Member
May 17, 2011
Northern New Jersey
Yeah, I wouldn't chuck briar. Nothing a good restoration can't cure. In my 30 yrs. I've given a bunch away, sold quite a few more, but ain't never just chucked a pipe.


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Preferred Member
Aug 1, 2012
I'd rather trade, sell, or gift a pipe that doesn't work for me. There's enough puffers who love "hopeless cases" that I find no reason to chuck a working pipe.

Sep 21, 2012
I tossed a pipe in the bin... once, it was absolutely un-smokable. The drilling was so bad that the draft hole met the bowl on the left side wall, there's no saving that. It's ok tho, it came in a lot from ebay, only paid 2$ for it.



Preferred Member
Feb 7, 2013
I have a Kaywoodie Brylon pipe that I'm not a terrible fan of. It's in the car next to the Captain Black in a box with glass that says "Break in Case of Emergency - Emergency Use ONLY".



Preferred Member
Oct 30, 2011
United Kingdom
The only pipe I have ever thrown away was a corn cob. It got left somewhere too hot and an already weak spot on the stem split. To throw away a briar would be like throwing out a well loved friend! :)



Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
Are we talking smokeable or non-smokeable? If a pipe is so over-smoked, the bowl is over-reamed, cracked, and disintegrating,

maybe. Most pipes are smokeable, and tradable, for cash or credit toward another purchase. I've given a few to a friend former-smoker

who wanted them for decor for his pad. I've never out-and-out pitched one in the trash. If a pipe is smokable but not to your

liking, it might make a glove-compartment pipe. I wouldn't expose most pipes to the heat and temperature variations in a car,

mostly, but if you're not concerned about the pipe, it might be a back-up. Like most of the respondents here, every pipe seems

like an old friend, "my favorite" while I'm smoking it. Memories and reveries. A number are gifts. Some are by carvers I know

face-to-face or by reputation. So, don't bother going through my trash looking for pipes.



Preferred Member
Nov 26, 2011
Nova Scotia, Canada
I have some bowls with no stems and some stems with no bowls. One day, I will be able to make use of them by matching them up with another bowl or stem from perhaps an estate lot. Just the other day, I removed the bakelite stem(which I hate bakelite stems with a passion) from a meer and used one of my "laying around" stems, to make a terrific smoker.



Preferred Member
May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
I'd only chuck a briar if it had a burn out or a horrible drilling from a cheap estate lot. I've heard if you get a burnout in a quality maker like Savinelli or Peterson for example a lot of times you can contact them and they will replace it as burnouts are usually caused by a flaw in the briar and don't happen too often.



Senior Member
Dec 23, 2012
Central Galilee, Israel
There were two cases in which I was bidding for a small lot of pipes in which I really wanted only one. The others looked cheap and terrible and were not anything I'd want to keep for any reason. So after I had won the lots, I messaged the sellers and told them they could keep the pipes I didn't want if they'd refund me the postage. In both cases they agreed.



Preferred Member
Aug 14, 2012
NYC rents being what they are, there is not much space here. So I throw out useless things, including pipes. I had a meerschaum since 1965. It became really useless. Stem and shank were stripped of thread (it had a screw-in amber stem) and were taped together. There was a hole in the bottom of the bowl from pipe tools. That was taped too. The top part of the bowl was warn off from banging it on an ashtray. The pipe was completely soggy from thousands of smokes. The color was black on the stem and an irregular dark brown on the bowl and had been affected by the tape, so the thing was really ugly. I hated the amber stem and couldn't see putting money into it for the work needed. So I tossed it. Now I have a 1972 Corrieu from Cogolin France which is pretty much useless. It was once a remarkably beautiful specimen, with a French curves and plateau top. When I was in Cogolin, in '72, it was a pipe town. The briar must have been local. A small town with 4 pipeshops, more than Manhattan. No cigars, cigarettes or tobacco. Just pipes. Indulged by a kind companion, I spent 4 hours examining every pipe for sale in that town before choosing this one. It gave me about 40 years of good smoking, but it has a crucial section of the shank broken off and is smoked up now and I do not think restoring it would be worth the cost. Eventually it could end up in the trash too, though I retain it because it reminds me of those 4 beautiful summers on the Cote D'Azur.



Preferred Member
May 29, 2011
It's sad, really. I can't bear to throw anything away, especially pipes. There is an old corn cob with a hole in the bottom, but I am going to fix it with a dowel. I have a little nasty pipe on which I have been practicing rustication. The only pipe I have ever tossed was an Edwards freehand that cracked down the length of the bowl. Once I decide I don't like a pipe anymore, I clean it up and give it to one of my son-in-laws. Sorry guys, all four of my daughters are married, lol.

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