Cleansing The Palate Between/During Smoking Sessions

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Feb 7, 2020
Micanopy, FL
I smoke almost exclusively in late afternoon/evening/night, and I pretty much smoke back to back bowls. Because of this I have always struggled with palate fatigue at times, even sipping like a good boy.

I have recently started having water and "bergs" as @jiminks has eloquently put it, and I find it to be a tremendous help. I think it's the cold temperature that does it, because regular lukewarm water just doesn't seem to help.

I have also noticed that when I turn in for bed and "call it quits" on the 'baccy, after I've brushed my teeth and lie in bed, my palate screams for another bowl. When I get up and take my ass back to the porch to go ahead and light up another bowl, I have noticed that it tastes great. Even the mint tooth paste doesn't seem to ruin the taste. I supoose it's because my mouth has been cleansed, but when I try this preemptively, it doesn't seem to work. I don't know.

Has anyone got a good palate cleanser trick?


Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
If you're smoking Lakelands or heavy Latakia blends, just stick your tongue up a dogs butt. They say the best way to cleanse your palate is tasting something that's better than what you're smoking. Plus, Fido will become your best bud forever.
Years ago a guy who was new to our hunting party and had never shot a deer ended up getting one. I gave him some pointers on dressing it out. When he got to the sphincter he says “how do I do this?” I said stick your finger in there and cut around your finger…


Dec 8, 2020
East Coast USA
Of late, I’ve been sipping hot tea with a teaspoon of honey and sometimes milk. For some reason the light and sweet tea really makes my tobacco taste great. It was always black coffee for me and the tobacco’s flavor complimented the coffee’s bitterness. —I know this is the opposite but it pulls so much flavor from my tobacco. I don’t question it.


Part of the Furniture Now
Nov 28, 2019
When it’s back to back bowls I like to switch it up(burley, Virginia or Latakia blends) too much of the same thing can get boring. But also maybe try some tobaccos that are less taxing on the palette? Or just have your “not so exquisite” blends for the later bowls, just something easy, that you won’t worry if you miss some subtleties of the flavour.