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Senior Member
Jan 28, 2015
Park Ridge, IL
Never have used it but I had created an account and just checked it - yeah, seeing the same here:

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Preferred Member
Oct 12, 2019
Florida Panhandle
I went on there and found a few that were great and some not so great. I started creating my own but I gave up as I was spending too much time on them and it was affecting my freelance work time. Half of these I created from scratch.

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Awesome work. I may have to upgrade some of my jars from the old Cellar Labels I downloaded. 8 out of 12, we have similar tastes.


Junior Member
Sep 18, 2012
Portland, OR
I had a friend who would create me labels, and i would publish them there. SOme of the artwork that people put up there she shakes her head at. I was saddened to tsee the Latakia Rolls LE was just a scan and crooked.
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