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New member
Sep 15, 2021
New Mexico USA
I am trying to get registered. clicking the button does nothing except bring me to the same login screen.
Is there anywhere else to get labels?

I tried 5 different browsers btw & tried on my phone.

Thanks all.


Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
Download Gimp which is an open sourced image editor that I put on par with Photoshop. GIMP - Downloads - https://www.gimp.org/downloads/
It just takes some practice to understand how layers work, but it's not rocket surgery.

I just find the TM image of the brand name online and then put that in a mailing label format and type the name of the blend, date, weight, and genre of the tobacco. But, i prefer my labels on the side of the jars. I have over a thousand jars stacked in several cabinets. If I put the label on the lid, I would never be able to find what I want.

But, to do round labels, you could just find the label online, like smokiepiper says above.


Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
I make my labels just typing and printing them, but I like the idea of printing out the original tin art to make a label.


Preferred Member
Jan 3, 2021
Los Angeles, California
I started a thread about cellar labels once....
What a tremendous sh!t show that turned out to be.

cellarlabels.com :: General Pipe Smoking Discussion - https://pipesmagazine.com/forums/threads/cellarlabels-com.68108/
Ha! Just read through some of it. I get everyones point of view but I work in Licensing and to be honest a lot of these companies don't care. For example, Disney could easily go after all the people that create fan art and sell it but they don't. It does not make sense financially to spend a bunch of legal fees to go after someone that made $300 selling art they created using the image of one of their characters. As a matter of fact, Disney loves fan art because they take ideas from it. I worked for a company and my job was to create Disney characters that felt cute like Hello Kitty style. I created the art, we presented it and nothing came of it. Months later we received a new style guide from them and low and behold, they created characters that were very very similar to mine. No credit given to me or the company I worked for. Bottom line, if you're making 300k selling tobacco labels per blend, beware. Anything else is fine, I guarantee the companies don't care about that.
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Preferred Member
Apr 2, 2021
Ontario Canada
Take image from the inter web, crop to size and shape(depending on jar) in Mac Preview, then print and glue stick.
I like keeping the original label as much as possible, but most of my C&D or PS bulk have just the company logo with what blend it is hand written under it.