Cascadia Pipe Co Plug Tobacco - Weezel & Condor Do a 'Top Gear' on Tobacco!!

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May 2, 2020
It's Peterson University Flake before it has been sliced into flakes. I could be wrong. It's not terrible and I would endorse the stuff and I may stock up with a bunch of tins. Tomorrow I am going to tackle tin number 2 whose name escapes me. Good night men!
So Open Waters = “University Plug?”
I wonder if one of them is “Irish Plug.”


Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
I am resurrecting this thread, rather than adding a new one.

Since I posted my acquisition of the Campsite and Downwind plugs in the TAD thread and my smoking them in the WAYS thread, I have had several forum member inquire about my impressions. Rather than typing some deep thoughts I am just going to paste a response that I sent to @Sloopjohnbee.

“I got Downwind and Campsite. The Campsite is a VA plug and the Downwind is a VA/Bur with a Citrus note. Both plugs are mechanically, perhaps, the friendliest plugs that, I have ever cut. They are closer to a true hardened plug than the “crumble” plugs that C&D and Sutliff frequently use. They really allow you to prepare the tobacco in any manner that you choose. The tin states that STG manufactured these blends.

The Campsite is a nice VA. I prefer brights and this one was right down my alley. I believe it has great aging potential because it had a little of that “early from the tin” extra brightness. I really enjoyed it. I would compare it to SG Golden Glow when fresh.

I really wanted to initially only buy the VA plugs but, the freebie required getting a second, different plug. I went with Downwind because the description seemed like a ”codger blend” in a plug. It had the same great mechanics. The description was apropos.The ”citrus” was designed to “enhance the natural tobacco flavors” and that, is how I would describe it. It is like some one took Granger as a model and used “better” tobacco, a ”better” matched flavoring, and pressed it into a plug.

I was surprised and impressed. I definitely will be buying more.”


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Jun 4, 2013
Three of them are a burley/virginia mix. Are they that much different than Peterson's 3P? $14.99 vs. $9.99. Hard to justify the price unless they have some kind of unique taste that 3Ps doesn't have. Maybe their toppings make it so? Dunno. Just curious
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Feb 7, 2020
Micanopy, FL
Smoking some Vertical Limit at the moment, it's better than the Trailhead, in my opinion. But my palate isn't nearly as developed as all you fine fellows. Very smooth, the topping is done just right in my opinion, and it tickled my nicotine receptors nicely. Very different from what I usually smoke. I was surprised that it needed no drying time and stayed light very easily, moreso than I expected. Definitely a real plug. I like how they are narrow plugs for easy cutting, that was a nice touch. I rather like it.


Feb 11, 2016
Austin, TX
These plugs keep coming back to haunt me but I still haven't bought any. I was really hoping these plugs would be recreations on some of the plugs that STG dropped but that doesn't seem to be the case here, however, they still sound good.

Do any of the VaBur plugs resemble Velvan or Erinmore Plug by chance? I have enough Warrior Plug to last me a life time but I would love to get something close to Velvan & Erinmore.

BTW, where is @weezell?