Cascadia Pipe Co Plug Tobacco - Weezel & Condor Do a 'Top Gear' on Tobacco!!

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Country Bladesmith

Preferred Member
May 2, 2020
I am just curious to see what STG have managed to do. When we wanted a 'War Horse' threshed leaf plug we were told it couldn't be done and be happy with this 'blug' which was a bionic type of crumble cake. As if by magic we now have multiple offers of heat treated plugs. To be frank with everyone I am looking forward to these arriving just so I can see what the flavor profiles are like and especially the structure and composition.
That’s a shame. I love the taste of War Horse Bar. It would have been a great plug.


Preferred Member
Dec 22, 2013
New York
All the IP of the Standard Tobacco Company of PA was sold to the guys at C.I/STG which included brand names, trade marks etc. The publicly traded holding company changed its name to Standard Vape Corporation and had an unsuccessful foray into the vape space before it in turn acquired two subsidiaries of FF24 Holding AG a Frankfurt publicly traded entity looking to launch its German based FinTech business under the name Fast Finance 24 Pay and divested itself of all the vape assets. The old SToP subsidiary company was acquired by a Louisiana based company for its tax losses whilst the SToP logo and photo libraries/art work was returned to Dan Johnson. That should clarify the whole thing. Simple right? rotf


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Apr 26, 2020
Where NY, CT & MA meet


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Jun 20, 2019
The Big Rock Candy Mountain
That is why I love @Kevin Godbee the governor! Without the odd prod from him we would never have got the traction. Actually the real salesman was Dan who really pulled it together.
Was this really the company logo? How seminal!


Preferred Member
Jun 5, 2018
Spillman Drive isn't an entity, it’s an address. The Cigars International distribution center is located on Spillman Drive in Bethlehem PA. And yes, CI is owned by STG.
Sometimes I feel like Spillman Drive is an entity, with vast tentacles spanning the various subsidiaries that comprise its vast tobacco empire. On many occasions I've looked at a label and wondered about a particular brand only to find out it's located on Spillman Drive.

My plugs have arrived. They're not "Condor/Yachtsman" plugs, but they're not light-pressed crumble cake either. They're squarely of the "uncut flake" type. I have to say that I find they've got significant merit when evaluated for what they are, rather than making comparisons to other plugs/flakes. I find three of them to be quite good!

Quite interested to hear what others think as well!