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Jun 15, 2013
Would you smoke it?
I’m getting confused. At first I was wondering how to tell if this was mold. I was convinced it was bloom but was told to look at it through a microscope. If it is fuzzy or hairy, then it is bloom and trash it! If it is crystals, then it’s sugar so enjoy it! I was able to identify that it is in fact crystals, but now I’m hearing that the sugar should have been eaten by now. Or even that it is not sugar, but salt.
I only say that I want to eat it because of its appearance. It looks like (under the microscope) a caramelized sugar on the edge of and apple pie crust
I’m not an aromatic guy so I really focus on the sweetness that comes from Virginia's. I have many VA Flakes in my cellar that have what appears to be sugar on them. I have just never had one that has this much.
I can definitely taste the difference between fresh Blackwoods Flake and 5+ year old BWF that has sugar veins that have surfaced. I’ll take the aged stuff every time.
Don't sweat the debatable details. It's good to smoke. Smoke it. BTW, bloom isn't mold.



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Oct 10, 2013
All seem to set forth some sort of scientific accolades, or they rely on their trust in a family member, friend, or some other websites credentials.
Not me.

My postulation (proprionate crystals) is pure speculation, based only on having observed the crystals form on tobacco that I had treated.



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Oct 14, 2014
My post was merely, stating, that none of that matters to me. It's like people arguing religions, and swapping excerpts from their religious book of choice. In the science of tobacco bloom camps, I am agnostic.
Yep. I get it. I just wasn’t clear if you were reacting to the lab results in that thread specifically or in the general. I haven’t seen any other lab results on the subject so I’m kinda surprised to read that you’ve come across contradictory lab results.



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Aug 9, 2013
Helena, Alabama
Oh no, I wasn't just bashing on your post. We have had a few very upstanding members that have posted very convincing but contradictory "scientific" results.
That's interesting Woods.
I will just go on thinking of them as magic micro-bug poop.



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Oct 14, 2014
All the unattributed quotes in this thread is a reminder that this board really needs to be updated to windows 3.1......come on guys, it’s time already



Jul 15, 2018
I cranked up the magnification to 225X!!! and...the sablebrush. I was messing that up.



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Aug 10, 2010
Cheshire, CT
By all means do not smoke it! Mail it to me for proper disposal. I’ll burn it in a small wooden furnace I have so that it will be properly disposed of under sanitary conditions.



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Mar 13, 2018
SC Piedmont
"proper disposal" -- Dead-on, Eric. This is Toxic Stuff. Always best left to experts with the know-how & correct safety equipment. You, me, Cosmic, Duane, Tom, John, Warren, Anthony, Jay -- people like that, who've lived a full life & wouldn't mind if it did them in at this point! :mrgreen:



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Oct 14, 2015
Sunny Cornwall, UK.
"I cranked up the magnification to 225X!!! "
If you're able, then I would suggest you get it up to at least 800 - 1000 x magnification, and if you are able to get a clear image (not at all possible on cheapo so called microscopes that plug into a PC) then you will see that the crystalline structure in no way resembles that of any known sugars.

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