Blends I've Come to Really Like

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Jun 15, 2018
Hi gang!
Well, it's been....well....not that long since I joined you fine folk in the pipe smoking hobby. I belive my inaugural day was June 15th,2018. In that time I've been exploring blends, genres and pipes. I've obtained a nice collection of new pipes (Savinellis in several forms including a couple of churchwardens, a Bones Bent Brandy from Chris Morgan, some MMs and a Bent Brandy Meer).
Here's what I've learned I REALLY like so far in tobaccos (no particular order)
All of them. LOL!!!! I really do like English blends, but so do I really enjoy VaPers, and VaBurs (maybe the VaBurs more?), and I'm also enjoying a couple of light aromatics, most notably C&D's Belmont Station.
So, here's what I've found I like:
C&D Black Frigate (Yeah, I REALLY like this)

C&D Belmont Station (Delightful this morning)

HH Old Dark Fired (this one was REALLY good today)

Escudo Deluxe Navy Rolls

Dunhill Navy Rolls

Pease Quiet Nights

Pease Gaslight

SPC Mississippi River

SPC Plum Pudding/SR

Dunhill My Mixture 965

Dunhill Elizabethan Mixture (but wow it's Nic rich)

Dunhill NightCap

Lane 1-Q (in Moderation and in a Cob)

C&D Star of the East Flake

Orlik Golden Sliced
What I'm not sure about yet:
Dunhill Aperitif
What I think I don't like:
Balkan Sasieni

Dunhill Early Morning Pipe
I'm going to store the above 2 for a few months then come back to them. I'm enjoying learning about the tastes, and following a suggestion, I'm going to be getting hold of some blending tobaccos to learn about the individual component tastes.
This isn't really a question....just a comment on how much I'm enjoying the relaxation, contemplation and new learning and camaraderie I'm experiencing in the community.



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Jan 5, 2018
The Faroe Islands
It's quite a journey, isn't it? I'm a good year in and enjoying myself big time. Seems you have gone through as many blends in one month as I had in 8-9 months or so. I have slowed down a little and am now trying to finish some of my open stuff before I move on. Anyway, keep puffing :puffy:



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Jun 15, 2018
Seems you have gone through as many blends in one month as I had in 8-9 months or so.
Well, I sort of jumped in with all appendages flailing. I got a tin of each of those, and I have smoked small bits of each, over the time, comparing and contrasting....which is fun for me...:) If I test 4 blends in one day (which is the max, as I don't want to overpower my taste buds), I'll only smoke 1/4 bowl of each, then repeat in a different order on a different day...and so on. I try to rest my pipes at least 1 day (except the Meer), and I don't smoke a pipe every day. So, its been interesting, and a deliberate journey of discovery.
Thanks for the reply, @workman!


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Apr 18, 2018
Interesting list.
I'm new this year as well. I don't have the resources to try as many as you, but here are my results:
I started the hobby with a basic black cavendish from my local brick & morter pipe store. I'm guessing it was Lane BCA. It was was all I knew for a while, and I loved it.
Then I started reading here, and watching youtube videos on pipe tobaccos.
Now, I really like:

  • - Mississippi River

    - Plum Pudding

    - Quiet Nights
I had tried Dunhill Nightcap pretty early, and I really liked it when I tried it...but then it was eclipsed by the three above. Same with Hearth & Home White Night. I'm not giving up on them, because I did like them, but I'm giving them a rest as I work on the 3 above. (I'm a one bowl a day person, mostly in the evening or very late afternoon.)
I tried Vauen's Himalaya Blend...not sure aromatics are my style. It wasn't bad. I enjoyed it. I'm just not sure I will reach for it very often. We'll see. I do need to get something with a good room note for when my wife is around.



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Jul 11, 2014
When I started, 4 yrs ago, I too was eager to learn and to taste all the various blends so gloriously described in reviews and advertisements. I initially focused on the codger line, as well as a tin here and there of something particularly interesting.

Then, I fell into a trade, and this worked out. I had accumulated about 12 different blends, most of them codger, but not all, and one of the members and I traded 12 for 12, just small samples.

Let's just say, his samples were 'special'. All sorts of hard to find stuff, including flake and rope.

Also, there used to be a bi-monthly 'crawl' where we got special pricing on about 5 blends and then everybody smoked em and commented on them one week at a time.
It's really fun!



Jun 21, 2018
Awesome! Recommend you try some burley dominant blends and straight VAs to round out your list and experience the full spectrum. Maybe even an oriental dominant blend.
Lots of great blends in your list; great choices!



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Feb 21, 2013
Four or five of those are blends I like too, and others I have on hand to try, or would like to try in the future. Likely, there are a few I'd not buy, or not buy again. I have a bit of 1-Q on hand, but it's somewhat too mild and a little over-flavored for me. Likely I smoked it years ago under a Tinder Box blend name. You have a good adventurous spirit for blends. I bet you rove through the online retailers and consider many genres and brands.



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Jul 8, 2018
I know how it feels.
I've been puffing since earlier this year in March and I've bought quite a few blends when I get the chance.
Just like yourself, I've come to appreciate the slight nuances in varying types and have found a liking for certain families of tobacco.
Favorites in order:
Plug tobacco- GLP Jackknife plug is my favorite. Peterson 3P is up there too.

Any straight Virginia (especially in flake form)- C&D Union Square

Dark Fired Kentucky

Navy Flakes- SG Navy Flake

Mild English blends- Dunhill MM965
Not a fan of:

Heavy English/Oriental
But, I have found certain blends that are part of my favorites that I didn't care for, or won't buy again.
Ashton Gold Rush

MacBaren ODF (willing to try Bold Kentucky next, and the new Burley Flake).
Keep on puffing!



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Jan 2, 2015
I know this may not be popular but I absolutely love Sutliff Black Kathy. The only other one that compares to it is Molto Dolce (also Sutliff).



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Jul 20, 2018
I'm the same way - when I get interested in something I also go in "with all appendages flailing".
I started my pipe journey just last week, purchasing a nice Vauen pipe, 4 tins, and a 2oz sampler. By mid-week I ordered a Savinelli, 2 more tins, and another sampler. Then just last night I ordered 7 more tins. Most of these are ones I learned about that may be going away (Dunhills, Mac Barren HH). That was my excuse anyway.



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May 23, 2018
Northern Illinois
I know this may not be popular but I absolutely love Sutliff Black Kathy. The only other one that compares to it is Molto Dolce (also Sutliff).
I love Molto Dolce. JimInks nails it in his review. It's one of my favorite aromatics.

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