Biggest Nic Hit?

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Which tobaccos deliver the biggest nicotine hit? Needed for when drinking in the pub and not a lot of time for a longer smoke.


Preferred Member
May 12, 2019
Atlantic Coast USA
inhaling semois out of a meerschaum while drunk several years ago- I was still sneaking an inhale or two back then - I just went to town and said 'F it! doesn't get more natural than this' Word to the wise: Reason you don't drive while under the influence and don't take any women home with you the first night you meet them at a bar/restaurant🤦‍♂️


May 2, 2021
Five Bros, Haunted Bookshop, and Peterson Irish Flake are the biggest nic hits in my rotation. St. Bruno fools me on occasion. It's a very bold flavor tobacco, and sometimes that's enough to "trick" my system into thinking it's satisfying my fix.

At a bar with friends (or down the pub, depending on which direction the Atlantic Ocean is in relation to you) I'd probably mix Five Bros in with some sort of aromatic and bring that unholy mixture with me. Get the benefits of a good room note with the benefits of a blend with nicotine in it.

I have other blends in my cellar that are supposed to be stronger in vitamin N, like Royal Yacht. But I haven't tried them yet and cannot speak first hand.
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Jun 19, 2017
I should put this thread on archives somewhere, I like strong nic. I’ve been enjoying some aros or English aros lately but they are less satisfying in the nic department.

I’d second a dark fired Kentucky for nic.
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Feb 21, 2013
Five Brothers is the most dependably available at the best price. C&D's Bayou Nights, Billy Budd, and Bayou Night might serve the purpose, as might Stratfordshire, for a little variation. Semois is strong and burns fast.


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Jan 5, 2018
The Faroe Islands
Royal Yacht is what I smoke when I'm out for drinks.
It's just so easy to load, it tastes nice and still tastes nice after too much drink, and it has enough of nicotine to match the alcohol.
For short smokes, just pack it loose.


Preferred Member
Sep 26, 2020
Honestly if your trying to quit smoking, vaping, dipping etc… and make the move to pipe only, I was exactly in your shoes. I did the same thing thinking the most powerful pipe tobacco will solve it. Mind you I was a heavy smoker, pack and a half a day. Loose this way of thought . Pick a date. And first thing when you wake up, light up that pipe. It will be uncomfortable at first. But that’s honestly the truth. If you can smoke a pipe first thing it kind of sets the day . If I woke up and smoked a cigarette and then when to my pipe it didn’t satisfy me. It’s a commitment, but it works. You need to reset yourself.