Best Summer Time Smoke Drink Combination

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New member
Sep 10, 2020
Pretty much any blend with rum & coke. I know concurrent alcohol consumption increases risk but it's just too yummy haha.

Although, one of the most interesting and intoxicatingly decadent pairings I've ever experienced in my life was some well aged Mississippi River from a wood stemmed churchwarden and a fine Pinot Noir. The richness of that experience was one for the record books.... 😋


New member
Sep 29, 2016
Tampa, FL
If I'm drinking an adult beverage, then a crisp Gin & Tonic go well with a Straight Virginia, heavy on the Bright variety. Also a heady IPA works well with a Virginia/Perique for me.

But I've also been enjoying my morning coffee with a bowl of Eight State Burley these days. And something about Orlik Golden Sliced and a good cup English Breakfast with a touch of milk is a great combo.


Preferred Member
Dec 8, 2020
East Coast USA
I just answered in another post “New Morning Routine” that I’ve found that a nice cup of hot tea with milk and a teaspoon of honey really compliments Granger. The flavors play off of one another alternating sips.

Funny how that works. Always some new discovery 💡. Usually I enjoy black coffee with a bowl.


Oct 29, 2011
State College,PA
Morning: Bourbon Santos beans,ground by hand and brewed in a French press
Evening: Gin & Tonic with either Hendricks, Bluecoat or Gunpowder Irish Gin gin with Fever Tree Tonic
Late night: Any of the following,Eagle Rare, Paddy's, Knappogue Castle or Old Forester
Around a campfire or at deer camp: see late night above*

* choice of brand of bourbon or Irish whiskey directly proportional the the quality of those joining you around the fire


Nov 30, 2019
Montreal, QC
I've been getting into a bit of a 'health kick' and enjoying the irony of drinking healthy tonics with a side of pipe. A friend got me into Yerba Mate - and the roasted versions go well with burley's similarly to black coffee.

As mojitos were mentioned already... in the summer heat though, I make a Yerba Mate and fresh mint mojito with rum and freshly squeezed lime. I enjoy this with G&H Dark Plug and Peter Heinrich's Dark Strong.

You know... for your health and all that jazz.

I really enjoy strong G&H blends or lakelands with a nice strong cup of English tea; but not sure how summery that is.

Servant King

Preferred Member
Nov 27, 2020
Frazier Park, CA
Yesterday's bowl of PS LTF was accompanied with a cocktail I never made before: Glenlivet 12 yr. w/Q brand ginger ale, and the juice of two lime wedges, over ice. The key was to find a ginger ale that didn't have corn syrup (the presence of which is expressly forbidden in my house), and we live about 50 miles from the nearest services in Santa Clarita/Valencia, so I cannot just simply walk down the street and get something. I guess this is what's called a whiskey ginger, but Glenlivet is scotch whisky, so I don't know if this technically constitutes the same beverage. I know there are a couple dudes on here who are more versed in this topic than myself--if any of you care to offer your two cents on this, I'd love to hear it.

Anyway, this ice-cold drink just went so well with the VA flake. It rained in the morning, so there were beautiful clouds in the sky (see below), the smell of wet mountain/desert vegetation, and a cool breeze blowing. It was truly heavenly!

7.27.21 majestic sky.jpg
This is the view from my smoking area. puffy


Senior Member
Mar 8, 2021
Chicagoland area
I have found this summer I can really enjoyed Walnut Match, or SPC Plum-pudding with a nice big glass of sweet tea to be my go to during the heat. What are y’all thoughts.
I LOVE Walnut; and found some tubs of the Middleton Walnut at a Southern Illinois Pharmacy. I bought all five tubs, and counter lady looked at me like I was insane😂 Bonus was they were discounted to $9.99 a tub, and by the looks of the discount sticker, they’d been discounted for a few years😂 only wish they had Kentucky Club too, would’ve been my dream haul

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