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Preferred Member
Jan 7, 2019
Came home from work and put a big pork roast in my crockpot covered in sauerkraut.
Already looking forward to dinner tomorrow night.
Then, a nice pipe! :puffy:
Anyone else have any ideas on what to cook in a crockpot?



Preferred Member
Aug 9, 2013
Outer Space
I will put a mix of fresh peppers and rehydrated peppers from my garden in the processor and work it till I have several cups of liquified peppers. Brown a pork butt in the cast iron skillet. Then put the butt in there with the peppers, a chopped onion, and a dash of cumin. Let it cook all day on low. The pork will just fall apart, and you can serve it over nachos with some cheese or as burritos.


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Preferred Member
Sep 1, 2011
Pinto beans, ham hock, cover with an inch or so of water. Cook low all day. Then side dishes, fried potatoes, cornbread and salad.
Also beef stew regular or Asian style. Both start with beef shank. Asian style I use daikon radish instead of potatoes. A hunk of kombu ( dried seaweed) mirin,soy sauce, fresh ginger. Serve with rice and kimchi. Ox tails make a fantastic stew.



Dec 1, 2018
Venison bbq was pretty good iv only tried with hind quarter put in on low with some bbq sauce and garlic let cook all day while at work ended up nice and tender shredded and made sandwiches.



Preferred Member
May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
I love my Mississippi roast. 1 big beef chuck roast placed in the bottom, then topped with 1 pack of Ranch seasoning, 1 pack of aus jus sauce packet, 1 stick of butter and a good handful of pepperoncini peppers. Crank up for about 8 hours and it's the best damn pot roast I ever had.



Preferred Member
Aug 29, 2017
I do a pork butt with apple cider vinegar, non fructose ketchup, brown sugar for 8 hours. I pull it out, shred and remove the fat chunks if any, and put it back into the sauce.Served on kaiser bun with a thick/chunky almost dry coleslaw on top.




Preferred Member
Mar 25, 2014
Anyone else have any ideas on what to cook in a crockpot?
Well... tobacco of course!

I pack several mason jars with finely shredded tobacco (to which is added salt and water). I cook at 185F for 8 hours, remove and add flavorings (such as wintergreen, orange or apple). Makes the best tasting dip.
The cooking kills the enzymes/bacteria responsible for the formation of TSNAs.
So you guys are saying you can put other things besides tobacco in a crock pot?



Preferred Member
Jun 11, 2017
I switched from a Crock Pot to an Instant Pot 2 years ago, but the theory is the same. We use it all the time.
One of my favorite recipes is also one of the easiest to make
Chicken and Brown Rice
1 medium – onion

3 clove – garlic

2 cup – carrots, baby

2 cup – mushrooms, brown, Italian, or Crimini

2 cup – brown rice, raw

1 tablespoon – olive oil

2 1/4 cup – chicken broth, low-sodium

2 pound – chicken thigh, boneless, skinless

1/8 teaspoon – salt

1/8 teaspoon – black pepper, ground

10 ounce – soup, cream of chicken, canned, condensed
2 tablespoon – Worcestershire sauce

1 tablespoon – thyme, fresh
First "saute" chicken. While it heats, dice onion, mince garlic, and chop veggies. Rinse and drain rice. add oil to pot and saute onions for 3 minutes. Mix veggies, garlic, rice, and broth into the pot. Place chicken on top, salt and pepper, then cover with cream of chicken soup and Worchestershire sauce. Place 8-10 small sprigs of thyme on top. NOTE: chicken breasts also work well, just make sure to cut them in half so they're not too thick.

Seal the Pot, Slow cook on high 1 hour. Once the pot is done cooking, either let it sit for 15-20 minutes to naturally release pressure. Remove thyme sprigs (keeping leaves when possible). Stir pot to shred chicken and mix in any extra liquid. Serve warm.



Senior Member
Feb 3, 2013
Mississippi Pot Roast is lights out and easy.

Brown Largest Beef Chuck roast that will fit into you crock pot.


1 packet Ranch dressing

1 packet Au Jus

1/4 cup butter

5-6 pepperoncini's

Cook on low for 8 hours. Serve on top of mashed potatoes or some other starch.

The next day is even better for tacos or burritos.



Senior Member
Mar 6, 2018
My wife does a Chuck Roast with one packet of brown gravy and one packet of ranch (the powder) with a cup of water. Simmer on low for 8 hours or so then add potatoes and carrots for the last hour. Good stuff.
We too switched to instapot at Christmas and I think the time cut down to an hour for the meat and 10 minutes for the veggies.



Preferred Member
May 23, 2018
"Dr. Pepper Chipotle Pork Roast". Basically it's pork roast, Dr. Pepper, Chipotle peppers, onions and brown sugar. Recipes can be found online. I love it shredded on Hawaiian rolls.



Preferred Member
Nov 3, 2013
We always cook a corned beef with new potatoes and cabbage (red or green) for St. Patricks day. We also do this throughout the year as it's one of our favorite crock pot recipes. Leftover corned beef is great for sandwiches on rye like a Rueben sandwich! Crap, now I'm hungry...



Preferred Member
Jun 30, 2015
Beans and smoked ham hocks, with a side of fresh out of the oven cornbread; nothing beats it on a cold winter's day.



Preferred Member
Jul 19, 2018
Calico Beans
- 3 or 4 cans of a variety of beans (undrained) I find in the pantry - I like at least one can of butter beans, kidney beans and 1 large can of any baked beans, but really it doesn't matter.

- 1 pound of browned hamburger

- 3 stalks of chopped celery and 1 large chopped onion sauteed in the hamburger drippings

- 1 cup brown sugar

- 1/2 cup ketchup

- 1/4 cup mustard

- 1 Tbls vinegar

- 1 pound cut up bacon (rendered/crispy)
Cook on low for 6-8 hours or on high for a few hours.



New member
Feb 26, 2019
Two chopped onions on the bottom of the crock, pour in a 20 oz. bottle of root beer. Slather a pork loin with your favorite mustard. I don’t go to heavy because too much mustard is hard to come back from. Put the loin in the crock and throw some dark brown sugar on it. Low for 6-8 and you’re good. Take the loin out when cooked through, pull it apart with a couple forks and put it back in. Mix it up and serve on some nice buns. Cole slaw is a plus.


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