Back from San Francisco

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Mar 3, 2014
Kennesaw, GA
So I'm back from my business trip to San Francisco I thought I'd share my exploits.
First, I was completely wrong about the smoking in CA. There were smokers everywhere, and just like any other city most often huddled in crowds away from the general(non-smoking) public. So I just had my pipes like any other time with respect to the non-smokers.
I did appreciate everyone who sent suggestions to go to places to smoke indoors, but with the weather there I couldn't help but just stay outside. The only thing I had to combat was the wind, but I got by. My only "run in" with the police was when I was ducked what seemed to be a less frequently traveled doorway to get some reprieve from the wind. I had an officer come up and say: "As much as I enjoy pipe smoking, you can't do it next to a doorway." So I politely excused myself. My bad for sure, but no harm no foul.
I didn't rent a car myself, but I did hop a ride out to Napa to do some wine tasting with a few colleagues. I did almost get a chance to hit up a cigar smoke shop in Napa, but unfortunatly it was closed when I walked by. I did enjoy the "hours" sign. It didn't have "hard" posted hours, it basically said something to extent of "The hours here vary, as we may open early or late on any given day." I peeked inside and did see quite a few tins of some tobacco I would have liked to pick up. I noticed quite a few stacks of GL Pease stuff. I did pass Tilfords on my way back to the city,(another smack in the face) I wanted to stop, but the guy that rented the car didn't have the time to stop as he has a client meeting to make.
Anyway, I never made it to any of the cigar bars downtown, specifically Occidental Cigar Bar but where I was it was walking distance for sure.
The last night I was there, I was able to engage in a unique opportunity. I'm a computer networking professional, and the whole purpose of my trip was to attend Cisco Live that Cisco Systems(HQ'd in SF) puts on every year. It moves around each year to different host cities, but this was the 25th anniversary of Cisco Live, and it was being held in their hometown. The last night of conference they have a "customer appreciation" night all attendees were transported to AT&T Field where the Giants play for a concert put on by Lenny Kravitz and Imagine Dragons. On the off chance that I would have a smoking opportunity I threw my Country Gent, and a pouch of Carter Hall in my pocket and left for the concert.
25K worth of networking geeks in AT&T Field with Cisco footing the bill, for an all you can eat and drink burgers, dogs, and beer. Basically the whatever they sold during the games we had available to us free reign.
The stage was set up in Center field and there was a hard plastic type flooring protecting the grass. The concert was good, I was drinking plenty of free beer(my favorite kind of beer) and having a good time. I noticed a few individuals smoking cigars while enjoying the concert. So I figured I would partake in a pipe. So I was able to stand just behind the 3rd base line ON the field at AT&T Park and enjoy a large bowl of Carter Hall in my Country Gent. An opportunity I don't think many would have otherwise.
All in all a great experience to say the least.

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