Are Match Blends A Bonanza?

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Feb 21, 2013
Does anyone have a sense if match blends of beloved discontinued blends are a bonanza or just an afterglow? With McCellands and Dunhill conspicuously retreating from the field, it seems like opportunity is wide open if some resemblance of flavor can be attained. I like PC Home and Hearth Mid-town series match of Walnut, called Chestnut, and there are many others that seem to do pretty well.



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Nov 26, 2018
I like the 965 match. It is not 100% but close enough and as time goes by, I'll forget the original and think the match is real good.



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Jul 16, 2012
On one hand, anyone able to produce Frog Morton right now could retire wealthy, apparently.
But really, on the other hand, what we have are piles of excellent blends still available in basically every genre, and while if you seek some specific experience, eg that particular sootiness in London Mixture, you won't find it in the matches and they'll disappoint, perhaps. But taking most tobaccos for what they are rather than what they aren't leads a guy to all sorts of enjoyment.
And exploring weird stuff no one's heard of like the Aylesbury blends... is fun.



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Jun 15, 2013
I think it depends upon what is being matched. The Mid Town series are really good, as are the Edgeworth RR and Elizabethan matches. But matching a McClelland blend is impossible for a number of reasons, as is matching Germain's, or Gawith.



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Mar 16, 2019
Jacksonville, FL
I agree with trouttimes and will state that, I believe that the 965 Match (now Match 20) and the Elizabethan Match (now Victorian) are superior to the STG versions and are very much like the old Murray’s. I like them a lot. I, also, agree with sablebrush that, some things are inimitable. The cost, the dedication, and the lack of product sourcing make it so.



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Aug 31, 2012
The Dunhill match blends on the market now are all based on the Murray's versions. I've reviewed quite a number of match blends and posted them on this forum:
I have updated and partially rewritten some since then at, but this thread may be of help to anyone interested in match blends.