Anyone Fancy an All Over Body Tattoo?

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Jul 26, 2021
I sorta guessed that about you. If, and I mean a big IF... I ever got a tattoo, I would want a life-sized image of myself, all over myself, except maybe thinner with more hair.
Okay, Steve-O (a skater, stuntman, actor, and inspirational speaker who is best known for the movie and TV show Jackass and has a full back tattoo of his own face).


Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
Ha! It takes more than hands, dear sir. Just as it takes more than eyes to read, and more than a tongue to dispense wisdom.
yeah but with old school weapons all you need are hands. Now how well you'll use them and survive and all that is a whole nother question. But to use pointy stabby sticks and stuff isn't really a high bar.
May 2, 2018
True story…in my youth I was in pretty good shape. And, I figured that what I needed was black sleeves to signify how bad ass I was. So my 2 biker buddies (both heavily painted) set me up to begin the process with an artist/inker that they knew. The evening of my transformation began with me getting my liquid courage with a bottle of Cuervo Gold. Oh, and I have a childhood fear of needles because of the lying ass pediatrician Dr. Wolf… “not gonna hurt” my ass. ?

So, My friends are getting me tuned-up and ready for the procedure. We arrive and I’m definitely feshnicket, which was my way back when. Artist asks me if I’m ready to begin. I yell “hells ya!”. He then begins to prep and clean my right arm. He then turns the ✍️ on…& I immediately pass out. This tattoo guy being an honest broker, knew not to tattoo an unresponsive patient. To this day I’ve not reviewed a single tattoo…wasn’t meant to be and my fear of needles always hindered further entertainment of the prospect. I think tattoos are awesome…just not in me.

BTW, the entire 2nd paragraph of this tale had to be relayed to me the next day as I apparently remembered nothing after pre-gaming for the event. Of course, my “friends” still bust my golf balls bout to this very day. ? I wonder how many others have similar tales?☕


Mar 8, 2021
The Netherlands (Europe)
Must be quite painful with a rusty nail and a hammer like the tebori most indigious tribes still do. I have a fairly large one and especially on places where either the skin is thin or there is bone directly under it are quite the experience. Linework was easypeasy, took about 2 hours, shading took 2 hours and where doable, most of not all the coloring was terrible and took about 3 hours, but I would do it again on a heartbeat. Didn't sit the 7 hours in one go, split into linework/shading and coloring.


Oct 14, 2015
Sunny Cornwall, UK.
"...and perhaps unfortunate definition of "giving head""

Jesse, I initially thought about making such a comment but held back at the last moment.

Yes, those 'savage' Britons are invariably described as being from the far north but in actual fact were pretty widespread about the entire country. They teach us it was the Romans who 'tamed' us...the rest is history ;) .

Glad you guys liked them.