Anyone Else Just Catch The FDA Interview?

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Aug 29, 2017
I watch CNBC every morning and they just had FDA commissioner Scott Gottlieb on. Mostly drug pricing was the subject but at the end Joe Kernen said that all his golf buddies want to talk about is that cigars are being clamped down on, more regulation etc and asked "What's this all about".

Gottlieb said while he highly doubts cigars or other premium tobacco is "safer" based on the smoke and nicotine you are exposed to, he stated it was brought to their attention about "frequency of use". He said they are gathering more information including public opinion right now. We already knew that part but then he said if the frequency of use for cigars and other premium tobacco shows to be less than e-cigarettes or cigarettes in general then they maybe shouldnt have the regulation the other 2 have or will be adhering to.
At least it's something.



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Aug 9, 2013
I didn't, but I have heard one on NPR a few months ago, that was sounding more like they were going to drop the regulation of cigars. They didn't mention pipe tobacco, but with RYO labelled pipe tobacco still in the cigarette company's radar, I don't see them relenting, unless pipe tobacco companies throw them under the bus. The cigarette company is leading this charge in the FDA, so it will be whatever deal works out best for them. This is the main reason, I am adamantly against anything cigarette related... F' them.



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May 3, 2010
Las Vegas, NV
Holy cow, someone using logic. Don't see that every day.
It does make a lot of sense. Most cigarette smokers are going through about 10-20 of them in a day. Most e-cig people have their device on them at all times to take puffs whenever they can. Us pipe and cigar people aren't like that at all. If I'd have to guess I would say the average pipe smoker probably has around 3 bowls a week. Can't quite speak to cigars so much cause I'm not really in that circle, but I would highly doubt that the average cigar person is having 10-20 cigars a day. It's probably a lot more like pipes where the serious people get 1-2 in a day.
To me the biggest thing here would be if they can avoid the registration stuff. That would really help both the pipe and cigar industries since they're both very small batch boutique industries right now.



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Jun 15, 2013
Nothing new. The survey is the reason that the final compliance date was slipped from 8/8/18 to 8/8/21. They wanted time to compile the data before they ignored it. Buy what you can, while it's available.



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Mar 2, 2018
Just in....
"The lone bit of relief was in pipe tobacco, where the judge ruled against treating retailers who blend pipe tobacco in their stores as manufacturers."



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Aug 23, 2013
I did not. I did find the briefing on efforts to reduce drug pricing the other day FAR more interesting. :)

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