Anybody Smoke Whole Leaf WITHOUT Straight-No Casings?

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Oct 28, 2020
Northeast Texas
I smoke Yenidje and Samsun straight quite often.

So, do I understand correctly that all commercial pipe tobacco is cased? But (always a but, right?) Latakia isn't usually and other Orientals, likewise?

Here's why I'm wondering--IF I buy any whole leaf tobacco online or grow it, should I also be prepared to case whatever leaf I come up with? I read on a pipe forum (not here) that there's nothing appealing about smoking un-cased pipe tobacco (I'm not trying to start a flame war, so I won't quote the disparaging remark; aside from it's intensity it was a hillarious :). I only want to be prepared for the steps I'll need to take IF I lay the bucks or labor for growing my own leaf or buying whole leaf online (no--I'm not trying to wean myself from the online tobacco companies I LOVE buying from--Smoking Pipes, Cup o' Joes, MARS, and you great Guys here in the Tobacco for Sale postings :). Full disclosure so I'm clear--I'm not good with words!! LOL


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Nov 12, 2014

Ahi Ka

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Feb 25, 2020
Aotearoa (New Zealand)
I predominantly smoke “un-cased” tobacco. When looking at forums that talk about whole leaf/homegrown etc make sure to differentiate between “case” (moisture level) and “casing/cased” (added ingredients).

If purchasing whole leaf, while you can smoke it straight, I’ve found it to be way more enjoyable when blended and/or processed by way of heat/pressure/ageing.

Even growing a few plants one year is a great experience. I found it completely changed the way I looked at tobacco from being a product to a plant, and gave me a way bigger appreciation for the skill and knowledge of blenders

Edit: I’d also say that on growing/blending forums the difference between casing (adding before eg water/alcohol/honey?) or topping (adding after - flavours) is discussed
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Nov 28, 2019
Absolutely! I only smoke my own whole leaf blends from I had a good grow last year too, but that's in the kiln right now aging.

What are you planning to buy?

You don't need to case or process latakia, orientals, perique and kentucky. I highly suggest to stove virginia whole leaf tobaccos, but they can be smoked straight too. The stoving really brings out the sweetness and a fuller flavour. You only need to moisten them prior to stoving. You can also stove kentucky and burleys to mellow them out a bit, especially with some sugar casing, but it's not needed.

As another member said, adding some pressure (making a plug or cake) can enhance the flavours and smooth things out too.

Casings aren't needed, if the tobacco is treated right. Especially stoving virginias. Stoving other tobaccos like Kentucky, latakia perique and orientals can be nice too, but my preference is to press those blends containing those leaves into a plug first before I stove them.

Also casings can be really simple too, like some spiced rum or tonka beans soaked in bourbon. Or just water and maple syrup or molasses. Sugar helps smooth things out a bit but isn't needed


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Jan 25, 2021
Do you ever smoke whole leaf tobacco without casings? Either from a whole leaf supplier or home-grown?

I'm wondering about trying that myself (maybe buying some whole leaf tobacco online and/or eventually trying to grow some tobacco).

What say you?
I've had a non-commercial uncased burley and it was fantastic. I don't typically smoke straight burleys.

Go for it, I say.

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