Anybody Else Chew Their Tobacco Occasionally? Solani 656 Kicked My Butt...

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Jan 11, 2019
Once in a while, especially in the colder months when going outside for a pipe doesn't sound so appealing, I'll take a bit of rope or plug, lop off a piece and chew it to get a dose of Vitamin N. As of late, I've been doing this with G&H Brown Bogie Twist, because I like a good kick in the pants in the nic department.
Yesterday, I cracked open my first tin of Solani's Aged Burley Flake and was amazed at how good it smelled. It was pretty warm out yesterday, so I smoked a bowl, but the temps dipped again today and that tin note has been in the back of my mind the last 24 hours, so I thought it might be a good idea to chew what was leftover from the flake I rubbed out. I have never experienced such a nic kick from chewing before! I don't know what happened, but within minutes my head was swimming and I had to spit it out! I didn't find the nic level to be all that high when smoking, especially compared smoking Brown Bogie Twist or Jackknife Plug (which I smoke and chew fairly regularly).
It was pretty tasty, but I'll have to exercise some caution next time I decide to go down that road. No idea why it hits me so hard compared to other blends that are pretty universally regarded to be much heavier hitters, but I guess it's good for when I want a buzz but don't have much time!



Jan 29, 2019
Austin, Texas
Burleys are generally higher in nicotine than Virginias, and they are also more alkaline, which promotes nicotine absorption. So, you basically got a double whammy when you chose to taste test this blend. When smoking the nicotine only has a short time in your mouth in which to be absorbed before it is exhaled out. When you chew it, you expose a large quantity of nicotine for an extended period of time to a large surface area allowing a significant amount of absorption to take place.



Aug 9, 2018
Colorado Springs, CO
I occasionally masticate a small piece of tobacco I'm preparing to smoke, not for nicotine, but because it helps me 'preview' the flavors I'll experience once I start smoking. I find it helps me prime my palate for the smoke.



Starting to Get Obsessed
Dec 1, 2018
I tried this with some black Irish rope i recently got wasn't bad but i just prefer smoking to chewing



Might Stick Around
Aug 9, 2018
You can actually make a respectable chew out of Fire Cured leaf. It's fairly heavy but has a nice flavor reminiscent of some of the old twist chews.



Part of the Furniture Now
Jan 25, 2019
Philadelphia Suburbs, Pennsylvania
I do this with new (to me) mixtures purely as a way to experience a particular mixture from another angle. This, in addition to taking in the Tin/Pouch note through smelling, allows me to imagine I am understanding - and somehow bonding with - the tabak on a deeper level prior to the smoking. Does this ritual have any real value, like sniffing the cork on a wine bottle? I am not sure; but I do know that enjoy doing it, and that's good enough for me. - Sherm Natman



Dec 22, 2013
New York
I chew all sorts of twists and occasionally some unscented plugs and find them excellent for those times when you cannot smoke your pipe!



Nov 24, 2015
I chew stuff all the time. Very quickly you can taste what leaf is higher in sugar. McCrannies is the sweetest I have found.



Jul 10, 2015
Dalzell, South Carolina
Friend of mine came for a visit and he left his dip at home. I offered him a pipe and he declined, but did ask if pipe tobacco could be used as a dip. I told him that some old timers used to chew/dip 5 Brothers pipe tobacco. I handed him the pouch of 5 Brothers I had and he put a hefty amount in his lip. 10 minutes later he was running to the bathroom. Stayed in there a good 10 minutes and looked like a ghost when he came out. Next time he'll smoke a pipe instead.

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