Another Barontini #379; Another Stem Issue.

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Starting to Get Obsessed
Jun 16, 2022
I corrected my earlier post about the Barontini De Luxe #369. It's a #379. As is this pipe for today, a Barontini Amoretto in the #379 shape.

Once again, this one has a stem issue. I don't want to image how this ocurred:


Aren't you supposed to unclench your teeth BEFORE you remove your pipe? Anyway, I ground out the damage as best I could and filled the resulting gap with black, medium thickness Superglue and stem dust:


Then a lot of filing and sanding. Many thanks to whomever suggested fingernail sanding blocks. As a guitarist I use them, so I have a bunch of multi-grit, multi-color blocks. They were ideal for shaping the stem:


The stummel had a number of nicks, so I sanded it down to bare wood and started over. Once sanded I added a little saddle tan leather dye to enhance the color. These Barontini briars are really pretty.


Added to my collection of Barontinis. Here are my three #379s. From the top, a Grand Duc, then the De Luxe and the Amaretto.

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Chasing Embers

Captain of the Black Frigate
Nov 12, 2014
Many thanks to whomever suggested fingernail sanding blocks
They're very useful and inexpensive.

Looks like that one belonged to a molar clencher. In some cases if there's only intention and no lost material, the chatter can be lifted by slowly heating with a hair dryer or hear gun. Great looking cleanup on all counts!
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