Am I Being Unreasonable?

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Briar Baron

Can't Leave
Sep 30, 2016
I ordered a pipe from one of the main online retailers and wanted to take advantage of the Buy a pipe get a tin free.
I purchased an unsmoked Savinelli Autograph from the estate section and was then told that the promotion did not apply to estate pipes. There was nothing to say it did not apply to estate pipes and actually in the total pipes shown to choose from, all the estate Sainelli pipes were included in the total.
Further thoughts;
I paid several times the price for the estate Autograph than some of the Savinelli pipes that were supposedly included in the promotion.
I have been a customer for 9 years with them and have several of the "Badges" including VIP customer :)



Charter Member
May 5, 2009
I just assume promotions are for new pipes but they might give you a tin to make your issue go away. They just had a 15% off estate sale that was about as good as that gets for estate pipes from them. 8O



Dec 25, 2013
Sometime back at a similar promotion I put an estate Sav in my cart but didn't get the free tin. E-mailed and asked why not. Was told it was only for new pipe purchases. Not a big deal to me.



Sep 13, 2013
Cloak and dagger? Espionage? Seems some members readily identified the vendor.



Feb 21, 2013
I'd strongly suggest to the retailer that they must state the exception on estate pipes clearly up front. They may or may not send you a free tin for customer relations, but I would hope they would take the suggestion and just state, in the future, it's a free tin with any new pipe, that's new pipe. If it is in legible print, up front, with the offer, there can be no argument, no disappointment, no hassle. I don't mind whatever the limits on the deal, but it must be made clear.



Sep 9, 2017
The Arm of Orion
Problem I saw with the vendor is that they didn't include a disclaimer stating that the promo applied only to brand new. Even a small print disclaimer such as "*Restrictions apply" woulda been useful. When I clicked on their ad it took me directly to their Savinelli listings. Granted, the listing listed only new pipes, but I think a small disclaimer would avoid both vendor and buyer headaches and money loss.



Oct 22, 2013
I remember the promotion and when I clicked the link in the email, it took me to the New Savinelli section. I took it for granted Estates were not included, as they are usually treated as a subject to their own separate promotions.

Keep pushing they may send you a free tin, but I don't think they owe it.


Briar Baron

Can't Leave
Sep 30, 2016
1) No cloak and dagger, I posted a screen shot, from there it is a no brainer........
2) Clicking the promotion shows the number of pipes available AND it included the estate numbers. Then there is the fact that there are no fine print exclusions or any conditions at all for that matter.
Thank you all for the feedback. Not a big deal really but it amazes me how much companies spend on advertising and then this type of situation rises and undermines their efforts.They made no mention of conditions but then say not included, how is anyone to know?

Dec 28, 2015
Normally with a buy one get something free offer don’t you get to pick your free gift before or at least during the purchase? And if you were surprised by not getting the option of free gift can you not return the pipe? I really don’t get the beef here. I don’t think it was a personal slight and if it bothers you just send it back.

Jan 28, 2018
Sarasota, FL
I can't read the promotion sticker you posted. Regardless, seems like they should stand up and make good on their promotion, even if it was a mistake. Especially with you being a long standing Customer. I guess right now, most of the big guys can't get enough to sell so they're not worried about losing a Customer. I would certainly be concerned about losing a long time and loyal Customer. Poor business.
Okay, I couldn't stand it, I checked the site and see it is SmokingPipes. Switch your business to They're the best guys I've dealt with by a far margin. If they consistently had everything I was wanting, they'd be the only one I'd buy from.

May 9, 2018
Raleigh, NC
Normally with a buy one get something free offer don’t you get to pick your free gift before or at least during the purchase?
Yes, the promotion allows you to choose your free tin after you add the pipe to your cart. I checked it again yesterday. Added a new pipe to the cart, option for a free tin. Added an estate, no option for a free tin. I would agree that a disclaimer or something could be used, but if I throw an estate pipe in the basket and don't see the option for a free tin, then okay, I'll just scrap that one, and keep trying to get a pipe in there that I got the free tin with, if that's what I was after and wanting.



Jun 3, 2015
The short answer, No.
The VIP Badges give away who the vendor is. With this particular vendor I would push the issue. They’ve been known to be extremely accommodating. Hell reveal the vendor name and I bet one of the representatives will post and explain the reasonings behind the confusion.



Oct 14, 2014
Yeah, dude, you’re being unreasonable imo. SPC will take the pipe back unsmoked if you are unstaisfied and they won’t even give you a hard time about it. Mistakes happen, it’s no biggie. SPC is a Sav distributor, which is why they can offer a package deal for new products,



Nov 24, 2015
I personally see a difference between new and used inventory, and would never expect the same "deal" for a used pipe as opposed to new. But that's me...

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