Aldo Morelli Rescue Attempt

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Can't Leave
Nov 14, 2019
Indian Ocean
Doesn't even register compared with the skills I see on these threads but thought I'd share anyway...I had a cheap Morelli pipe for a couple of years and it was supposed to be 'finished' with a "polished black bowl"

Turns out it was basically a gloss paint and no surprise that through use and humidity that the paint started to show some blistering, so rather than let the paint gradually flake off over several months (& knowing full well that it would've been originally painted due to a pretty poor grain) I nonetheless decided to sand it back and re-finish it with several coats of beeswax

Using a Stock image of the 'before' with my amateur 'rescue'. I'm pretty pleased with it (flaws an' all) and of course it still smokes well




Part of the Furniture Now
Feb 9, 2022
Blanco, Texas
Pretty nice grain underneath. I also have a couple of Morellis, and while inexpensive, they smoke extremely well. Good Work!
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