A Tale of Three Boles

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Preferred Member
Nov 3, 2013
When I first started on this forum years ago, I was all about old low grade pipes. Over the years I eventually started going for more high grade pipes. High grade British pipes, high grade Italian pipes and US pipes, etc. I found that I didn't enjoy smoking some of them because of the styling. As the years passed, I got rid of some and kept the ones I liked to smoke. Now I'm find my way back to the low grade pipes again, because I find that most of them smoke as good as any pipe. Aver the last few months I've bought three Yello-Bole pipes that interested me. First a Rhodesian shape carved like a Custombilt pipe that caught my eye, then an old sandblasted small panel bowl, and finally an early pipe with a "bowtie" inlay before they started using the yellow circle on the band. They all needed some work done, but the one with yellow stem was the worst. The stem fit loose and wonky, the there were some black stains on the bowl that looked like someone had started to sand down. I tried too, but I realized they weren't going to come out, so for the first time I stained a bowl totally black. Now I kinda like it! Well, that's my overly long story, sort of much about nothing, but no matter what pipe you're smoking, I hope you're enjoying it!



Preferred Member
Mar 30, 2019
In the semi-rural NorthEastern USA
pipe pricing and high and low end doesn't seem to be on the engineering side like it would be with a car or something like that, but on the fashion side like a pair of clothing. A more expensive shirt isn't going to necessarily wear better then a less expensive shirt. But if you're fashion conscious it's a big deal. Heck how good someone looks with a certain pipe or a certain shirt doesn't correlate to the price either. Or at least that's my thoughts on pipes and pipe prices.


Preferred Member
Dec 8, 2020
East Coast USA
Honestly, after a forum induced bout with PAD, my old Grabow’s, Kaywoodies and especially my Cobs all hold great memories.

I agree, OP. These smoke as well as any of my more pricy pipes.
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Apr 29, 2017
Minnesota USA
I have a dozen or more Yello-Boles. Fine pipes.

The story I’ve read was that the Yello-Boles used wood that wasn’t up to Kaywoodie quality. But I’ve got some Yello-Boles that have some outstanding wood, 1930’s mostly.
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Feb 21, 2013
Yes, there's a lot of good smoking in the U.S. factory pipes for sure. I also like their design, like 1950's American cars, spiffy but practical at the same time. I just enjoyed some Bayou Night in a Kaywoodie billiard that has thin bowl walls but doesn't heat to the touch at all. That's pure magic. Remember, a Kaywoodie cost more than a Dunhill in the 1950's, and they smoke exceedingly well still.
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That Guy

Senior Member
Aug 8, 2021
Central Florida
This no name made in London pipe was in a estate sale I got of six unsmoked pipes. The reason I bought the pipe lot in the first place was because of a nice Chacom and Big Ben jade pipe. Though unsmoked it looks like someone was playing around with the finish and had some awful bright red cherry finish on it that was poorly done. With a magic eraser and a light sanding I got the finished off and left it dull. This has now been dedicated as my at work pipe and it actually smokes really great. It's great when you come across Little treasures like this. IMG_20210811_111805511.jpg