A Great Aromatic -- In A Pouch?

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Mar 25, 2014
United States
After trying numerous aromatic tobaccos I have been continually disappointed in the taste of some supposedly well-liked aromatics. The continual disappointment has led to my full commitment to English and VaPer blends.
Recently, I was at a family gathering and one of my uncle's friends was a pipe smoker. I started talking to him and he was very excited to meet a fellow piper and told me about a box of interesting tobaccos he had found in his recently deceased father-in-law's attic. Most of the blends were not available in the United States and all had been aged by at least 2 years.
As a completely stereotypical pipe smoker he then offered me a blend from his newly acquired stash. A good portion of the tobaccos in the box were pouches of Amphora Full Bodied Aromatic so that's what he decided to share. I had never heard of Amphora so when I got home I jumped on the computer and did some research. It is apparently a tobacco of Dutch origin that is no longer available in the US. At first I was wary because it was not only an aromatic, but an aromatic in a pouch. I was instantly hit with flashbacks of terrible cherry otc burning my tongue and haunting my tastebuds for days.
Preparing for the worst, I loaded a bowl into one of my larger cobs and headed to my smoking spot. The tin (pouch?) not was typically sweet for an otc and I was not about to be fooled. As soon as the flame of my lighter touched the tobacco I was ready to throw the pipe as far away from me as possible but, low and behold, it wasn't that bad! The char light held up for the entire bowl and it was an overall pleasurable smoke! The tobacco was fruity with just a hint of something a bit heavier adding some body to the smoke. As I got deeper into the bowl the fruitiness started to die down and I ended the smoke on a deep chocolatey note. Overall, the smoke was quite good and was the first aromatic that I have enjoyed! Now English blends are by far still my favourite, but it's nice to know that I can mix up my smoke every now and then.
So, has anyone else ever been surprised by a great tobacco hiding in pouch?



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Sep 15, 2012
I received a free sample of Troost Luxury Cavendish and it wasn't half bad. Smoked it in a cob while I did some yard work.

it worked well because it was flavorful, but I didn't really have to concentrate on the flavors. I will probably keep a pouch for fishing and lots noting around.



Jan 8, 2014
Motoyoshi, Japan
Troost Special Cavendish and Amphora Full Aroma are wonderful pouch tobaccos. The Amphora is like a VA with a light topping to take away the sharpness. I smoke that when I'm at a bar and the room note gets rave reviews. The Troost to me, tastes like PS Cube Cut. It can bite but if smoked slowly, there are some wonderful flavors going on in there
Middleton's Apple is also a pretty decent smoke in a cob while doing some work or driving.



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Jun 15, 2014
I used to like Granger just old tyme no frills baccy in a cob or Briar, just becoming hard to find at drugstores, I think P&C and 4 noggins still carries it.



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Sep 14, 2011
P&C is carrying an English pouched blend called John Bull. I wouldn't call it a great blend, but for $4.95, it's pretty decent.
A lot of the Brit and Euro pouch blends, which may not be easy to find here,are not bad. The Dutch and Danish aros are a far cry from American goopy ones.



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Feb 13, 2013
Amphora red is great stuff, just because tobacco comes in a pouch doesn't mean much. In the UK orlik golden slices comes in a pouch as well as G&H I've seen in pouches too. I'm pretty sure Skandinavik Full Aroma is the replacement for amphora red, or at least very similar, and dirt cheap to boot.



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Sep 20, 2011
I've found Skandinavik Full Aroma to be a pretty decent aromatic, particularly after it's had some time to dry in the open pouch.



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Feb 21, 2013
Not to twiddle around with language, but a lot of great blends come in bulk, which comes

in baggies, which are close kin to pouches, without the fold-over layer. So if you count

bulk tobacco as pouch tobacco, that would include a whole array of fine blends at better

than tin prices -- McClelland, Cornel & Diehl, Peter Stokkebye, etc. When offered at a

discount, these bulk blends are often at pouch prices, sometimes a little better.



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Oct 5, 2010
I agree with mso489,
I frequently order my favorite aromatic in two pound bulk. I save a lot of money buying in bulk from P&C or SmokingPipes. I place it in four quart mason jars and my humidor holds eight ounces. So, as needed, when the humidor is nearly empty, I dump the quart mason jar into it. If you are following my recommendation for a blend that you know you will smoke, you will save money doing it this way. And, if your humidor needs a little help, just spray-bottle a few squirts of water to the underside of the top cover of the humidor once in a while. Don't spray the tobacco, just the underside of the humidor cover. Especially, as the humidor accumulates more airspace than tobacco as you smoke through the amount of tobacco in the humidor. I have had great success with this process for many years.



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