A & C Peterson Caledonian Virginia Flake Dated 1992

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Might Stick Around
Jan 1, 2023
Willamette Valley of Oregon
Opening Tin- very difficult, even bent the can in a couple of places. the white gasket seemed to have attached itself to the lip of the tin. In spots, pieces of the white gaskets still adhere to the edge of the tin. It was very well sealed!

As I recall this tobacco from 1992, I did not like it fresh from the tin. It was damp smoking, appeared to be sugar cased, and hot in the pipe with a substantial tongue bite. That's my recollection of smoking one or two bowls of this 30 years ago. I doubt I would have smoked more than that.

Because it has no stamps or importer sticker on the back of the can, this is probably a sample tin I picked up at the RTDA show.
This may have been a new tobacco introduced at that time, or it may have been a change in distributor, I honestly do not remember.

The aroma upon opening the tin was a trip down memory lane for me! It smelled a little richer and a little malter than a well-aged tin of Dunhill Light Flake or Capstan blue from the 1980s but a little more heady than the blue Capstan.
The Caledonian smelled like malt, with some aroma of grass hay, mowed, and sun dried for a couple of days.
A very promising tin of vintage Virginia!

Lights easily and burns remarkably cool as compared to my memory of this when it was fresh. A little milder than Capstan Blue with a lighter and pleasant aroma. A little spicy tang midway through the bowl.
I smoked another bowl this evening and certainly wish I had another dozen tins stashed away!


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Dec 12, 2012
Great to see this write-up!

The only Petersen Caledonian I’ve had is the Curly-Cut Melange No. 410. Even though I struggle with perique sensitivity, it remains one of the most transcendent things I’ve ever smoked.

I don’t know anything about A&C Petersen’s history, but it’s a shame that their blends vanished from the marketplace.