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Preferred Member
Feb 21, 2013
4Noggins had its glory days under previous management. They had/have their own line of blends, and had a good inventory of less marketed pipes in the U.S. like Parker and Hardcastle. That was where I got a small order of Indonesian air cured burley Tambolaka, which was definitely a sturdy blend. I hope they regain their mojo on customer service.


Preferred Member
Oct 16, 2020
I had one mailed the same day, a couple I’ve emailed after three days and they shipped right away. Seems like delays can be an issue, but so far they’ve been responsive. Just not something I go to very often. This place is turning out to be a great place to find some aged tobacco reasonably priced.
Trying to order anything from @pipestud on Saturday morning is having me thinking how my wife must have felt on our honeymoon - 30 seconds of frantic activity and it’s over and I’m unsatisfied! (I did get lucky with one tin I wanted last week). He ships promptly!
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Preferred Member
Dec 10, 2013
Nijmegen, the Netherlands
Rich ran a tight bussiness and now I hardly dare to order .
A more assertive approach might help; I will post Jeff through the contact page and ask if foreign customers are still appreciated. It is his bread and butter, not mine.


Preferred Member
Dec 16, 2014
North Carolina
I purchased a few things when it was under previous management without issue, these recurring reports of indifferent CS and I no longer even visit their site.


Junior Member
Nov 18, 2021
OK, I got an email back (finally) saying the order was sent, so that's a relief.
It just a bit awkward not being able to get any replies for genuine concerns. Maybe Jeff is just snowed under with work/orders etc.