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  1. bytor

    PAD 2011

    Long ago there was a thread for everyone to post pics of their latest PAD purchases (rather than the multiple threads that get started ever so frequently). I figured I would try to bring back the thread for 2011. Show us some pics of your latest PAD episodes. :D Here are my latest acquisitions...
  2. bytor

    Another B&M lost to taxes...

    I came across this article just simply infuriated me. I don't live in Utah any more (moved to away 12 years ago), but my first few pipes were purchased at Jeanie's back in '97-98. I'm sorry to see it going out of business. A 51% tax increase on existing inventory is absolutely...
  3. bytor

    Cake buildup

    I know that there are tons of opinions on how much cake, how to build cake, when to ream cake...etc What I'm curious about is: Do any of you other pipesters out there find that you really don't build any significant cake in your pipe? I've never built up enough cake in any of my pipes to bother...
  4. bytor

    F#&@ing Nanny Legislation

    Arg! Saturday evening I placed an order for some tobac, a stanwell churchwarden, and some supplies with P&C. I received an e-mail this morning from them stating that they can no longer ship tobacco products (with the exception of large cigars) to Washington state, per WA law. I already knew...
  5. bytor

    E-bay jackpot...

    Those Dunhills I won on e-bay last week arrived today! I feel like I may have won the lottery or something. Provided the bowls are ok on them, they should clean up really nice. Here are a couple before & after pics of the Bruyere (which BTW is a 1967). Amazingly...this is after less than 30...
  6. bytor

    Sorry everyone

    Long story short...for some reason, a reply I was trying to post wasn't showing up in the forum and I thought I was doing something wrong. So I tried again, and again, and again...well... A new friend, Sapo59, informed me that he had received an e-mail notification about the post, but didn't...
  7. bytor

    Paragon Wax

    Hi Gang...first post on this forum, and naturally it's a couple questions! First question: Have any of you used paragon wax on your pipes? I did a bunch of reading about it on the forum and decided that I would give it a shot. I ended up purchasing through Iwan Ries (rather than...