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  1. GlassMan

    FS: Primarily C&D Small Batch, XX Flake, Warped Lots 8-7-22

    Bump and $10 off each lot remaining.
  2. GlassMan

    FS: Primarily C&D Small Batch, XX Flake, Warped Lots 8-7-22

    4,5,6 sold. 1 pending. Also, mods, sorry I forgot the date. I need to stop typing up posts at midnight.
  3. GlassMan

    FS: Primarily C&D Small Batch, XX Flake, Warped Lots 8-7-22

    Hey all, (Reposting after MOD said I needed to edit for readability) Sorry Been away a while. Had a second kid. Got really busy. You know how life is. Up for sale are lots of mainly C&D small batches. Trying to be fair with pricing. Few of these I haven’t seen in a long time for sale. I...
  4. GlassMan

    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    Thank you! That matches my bags perfectly.
  5. GlassMan

    How to Date Esoterica Tobaccos?

    Hello all, I am STILL confused about this. Would love somebody’s input. I have an iPhone timestamped photo of the day I bought these bags. They had just come in. It was December 2019. The code is 1063D102 it’s penzance. I have another bag that was bought brand new in July 2020. It is 1121E032...
  6. GlassMan

    What Would You Do With This Broken Castello

    Hey all. Been MIA for a long while. Very busy with work. Was never a big poster, but an avid smoker. On family vacation with like a million in laws. Absolutely horrible day. Went out front to enjoy a bowl and some quiet before bed. Looked up at the stars. Newest pipe (castello 55) slipped out of...
  7. GlassMan

    Smoking a Pipe at 36

    I’m 29. Started piping when I was 28. Cigars off and on since 18. I get called old man or dirty old man or professor by the uninitiated. I enjoy it. I smoke at parties and in public. Who cares what people think? Enjoy it
  8. GlassMan

    Pipe Lighter Recommendations

    I have a kiribi kenshi (I believe is the model) not gonna lie, it started getting very fussy after 12 months. I’m about to send it in for service. I love it otherwise. But not $30.
  9. GlassMan

    How Often?

    I have one every morning with coffee. Generally a Virginia, sometimes an English. I work in my garage, so I can smoke as much or as little as I want. It’s started to almost become a problem. Quit vaping a few months back and since then I have definitely started piping too much. I almost treat it...
  10. GlassMan

    Tin Flake vs. Bulk Ready Rubbed

    For some reason, I always forget to look at what is available as bulk. I know at least 5 blends I like could be had in bulk form. There is something nice about having a sealed tin. But for those daily smokes, I could benefit from some money saving and bulk buys.
  11. GlassMan

    Help Valuing / Identifying These Pipes

    Wow. Super cool. I know nothing about old pipe valuations, but I’m sure somebody on here does. No stems?
  12. GlassMan

    ***What Are You Smoking, December 2020?***

    Been enjoying the solani aged burley flake a lot lately. Just had a bowl in my radice aero.
  13. GlassMan

    My 4th Pipe I’ve Made ...

    Looks great man. Why did you use for the stem? Do you have a lathe?
  14. GlassMan

    Any Negatives to Estate Pipes?

    I don’t personally have the desire to restore estates or deal with fussy issues on pipes. That being said, three of my 6 pipes were estates, just realllllly clean ones.
  15. GlassMan

    Zippo Lighter or Butane Lighter

    Zippo is my personal favorite lighter of all time. My first girlfriend bought me a Led Zeppelin one for Christmas one year in high school. LOVE the look and tactile feel of them. For a pipe, I prefer butane. I can smell a zippo across the room. I’ll be honest, I have yet to ever try a zippo on a...
  16. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    What shop? I’d to try some of those
  17. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    Real mcclelland bulk or match blends?
  18. GlassMan

    Am I Late to the Party?

    I also felt like I missed the party when I learned of Mcclelland and all that they offered. I was oddly freak accident fortunate to find a tin of Grey Havens and Frog on the bayou at a very unexpected hole in the wall smoke shop. Both are good. But neither are my favorites. Traded a YouTube pipe...