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  1. AcesAndEights

    It’s rib night!

    Getting ready to hang a rack o’ ribs in the Pit Barrel. This thing is a rib machine! Happy Saturday, and happy smokes, all!
  2. AcesAndEights

    Just discovered this site. Anyone ever ordered from them? Good/bad experience?
  3. AcesAndEights

    Name Your Weird Life Skill “Blind Spot”!

    This should be fun. There are lots of “life skills” that, through experience and practice, most everyone gets the hang of. But no one gets the hang of ALL of them. We all struggle with something silly. My sense of time is horrible. “When did you last have blood work done?” “Probably 2-3 years...
  4. AcesAndEights

    Crumble Kake No. 4?

    Any thoughts on Sutliff Crumble Kake Barrel Aged No. 4? Surprised that I haven’t seen anything about it on here yet.
  5. AcesAndEights

    Had a Tin Lose its Seal

    I was down looking through a box of tins in my basement just a little while ago. I grabbed one tin, and the center of the lid ‘popped’ like a canning jar lid that has been opened. Gave it a little twist, and it came right off. I checked every other tin that I have, and they were all fine. The...
  6. AcesAndEights

    Cellaring “Dry” Tobacco

    I ordered up a couple of ounces of a few bulk Virginia blends to try. I’ve got quite a bit in the queue ahead of them for now, so the plan was to jar them up and forget about them for a while. However, a few of them seemed a tad dry. Probably perfect moisture for smoking now, but what about...
  7. AcesAndEights

    Opening an Aged Tin

    I’ve acquired a few aged tins from some of the fine members of this forum. Thinking it might be time to open a few. I’ve heard some mention that they open them and then jar them for a bit before smoking. So my question is, is it better to jar the aged tobacco for a bit to let it “air out”, or...
  8. AcesAndEights

    Antique Store Find

    Perfect for out in the garage!
  9. AcesAndEights

    The Wife’s Valentines Day Gift

    This potato.
  10. AcesAndEights

    The “Parfait Jar”

    I know that the purists will scoff and say that this is a horrible practice. I also think I’ll become one of those purists eventually. BUT. I know I’m not re-inventing the wheel here. I have what I call my “parfait jar”. I know some of you do too. The last dabs of a blend that won’t quite fill...
  11. AcesAndEights

    Beginner’s Luck?

    So I’m still pretty new to this sport, only been at it for about six months. After immersing myself in the culture for a bit, I got the impression that there are several highly sought-after “unicorn blends”, one of them being Balkan Sobranie. I managed to score a tin the other day. Is it really...
  12. AcesAndEights

    Hello from Northern Colorado

    Hello all. Greetings from the lovely Rocky Mountains. I’m still pretty new to pipe smoking, but I’m quickly becoming quite fond of it. So far, I’ve got three cobs and three briars. My cellar is off to a great start, and I can see how TAD can become a problem! I’ve been poking around the forums...