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  1. thesmokindragon

    Eltang Basic - Natural Rusticated

    Hi All, Been awhile since I have done a post, but wanted to chime in on a new bday pipe I just got myself. The Eltang Basic/Natural Rusticated. I can not say enough about this little workhouse , it is amazing and does exactly what I can only imagine Tom was going for in all his pipe...
  2. thesmokindragon

    Cornell & Diehl: Bluegrass...The Sleeper has Awakened

    I had snagged a few tins awhile back, then SP went out-of-stock for it is back and I snagged another lb of this leaf again....I don't have the gift of pipe tobacco review, so I will quote JimInks below, otherwise I might just say it is very GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD...
  3. thesmokindragon

    TheSmokinDragon's Quick Summertime Lava Rock Cob Mod

    Sitting here smoking some of GLP's JackKnife Plug in a quick summertime Lava Rock Cob Mod, hope you all like this mod :puffy: Materials used to create this cob mod; Wood putty Fiebing's Leather Dye { Black } MM Country Gent Acrylic Stem
  4. thesmokindragon

    TheSmokinDragon Bows To The Power Of Morta

    I have been looking for a Morta design for awhile now...finally found one that caught my eye...A Radice 574 An early Father's Day gift to myself :puffy: Specs; Length: 5,16 inch Bowl height:2,09 inch Outside diameter:1,22 inch Chamber diameter:0,79 inch Chamber depth:1,89 inch Weight: 1,32 oz
  5. thesmokindragon

    Cornell & Diehl: Big 'n' Burley - Oh Yeah!

    I snagged some of their bulk to try out when was having a sale, can not beat 16oz for around $30/US - :D I have to say....I'm hooked! I had some this morning with my AM coffee, this stuff is a real eye opener. It snapped my eyelids wide open and I was ready to start my day. If...
  6. thesmokindragon

    Smoking and Using Komboloi

    Anyone else use Komboloi ( worry beads ) while smoking ? I find it helps me to focus my mind on the tobacco even more and really enjoying the smoke that much more. I have been making up some nice customs to use , will post some of my new designs I have come up with in this thread shortly, need...
  7. thesmokindragon

    Lazy Sunday Afternoon - Some New Paracord Tamper Designs

    Some Paracord, a few 3" finishing nails ( for the chucks design ) a few earth mags and you have yourself some nice tamper designs.
  8. thesmokindragon

    Saturday Morning PAD and TAD

    A little Saturday morning PAD and TAD for me. I was so impressed with just how well my Stanwell Golden Danish (45) smokes my fav blends I wanted another one, so my good 'ol PAD kicked in and had seen another Sandblasted Stanwell 45 on and I could not resist for $85. I also have been...
  9. thesmokindragon

    Castello Sea Rock AM Billard (KK)

    Here we go again, trying to keep the PAD at bay....not sure I will win this fight Bowl diameter: 1,26 inch Chamber diameter: 0,75 inch Chamber depth: 1,50 inch Height: 1,85 inch Length: 5,94 inch Weight: 0,95 oz
  10. thesmokindragon

    Talbert Vampire

    I want one :worship:
  11. thesmokindragon

    IMP Meerschaum: Smooth Bent Egg with Silver

    No PAD....Bad PAD - Noooooooooooooooo ~ I may make 24hrs, hope somebody snags this one....tic/toc IMP Meerschaum: Smooth Bent Egg with Silver Measurements & Other Details Length: 5.86 in./148.84 mm. Weight: 2.30 oz./65.20 g. Bowl Height: 2.22 in./56.39 mm. Chamber Depth: 1.75 in./44.45 mm...
  12. thesmokindragon

    IMP Meerschaum: Lattice Paneled Bent Dublin

    I keep telling myself....I don't need another...I don't need another....PAD keeps telling me "yes you do", hehe The stem reminds me of ribbon candy I use to eat when I was a kid around Christmas time...dang - If this one goes over 24hrs without being sold, PAD gonna take it for the win IMP...
  13. thesmokindragon

    Cigar Leaf Blends

    Well, I have been working my way through some new ones I had been wanting to try out also breaking in a new Radice Rind Bulldog with them; Cornell & Diehl: Billy Budd - An old fav of mine, revisited it not too long ago, still a great blend C&D's Habana Daydream ~ A great blend, does have some...
  14. thesmokindragon

    Release The Bracken

    It being three days until my bday I wanted a really nice blend to go along with the celebration - I gazed through the stack of tins and there it was some SG Bracken Flake. The tins have about 8yrs of age on them so far and I was waiting for them to hit the 10yr mark, but could not wait any...
  15. thesmokindragon

    SAV Oceano Line

    What do you all think about the SAV Oceano line? I don't know but it is just something about that stain combo with the blue swirl stem that just POPS :puffy: and.....there goes my dang PAD again...ugh!
  16. thesmokindragon

    BriarWorks Pipes

    Call out if you own BriarWorks Pipes, I'm interested in hearing reviews on them since my PAD is really dig'in their sandblasted Cutty designs - And here is a pretty looking smooth Most of them seem to follow these specs, which work for me... :puffy: Measurements & Other Details Length...
  17. thesmokindragon

    Triple Threat Briar Tamper

    Hi All - I was just sitting around on a rainy Sunday afternoon having a good old smoke of C&D's Dreams of Kadath and while looking across the table I had seen a scrap of briar just kicking around, so I got the dremel out, some sand paper and fabricated a quick rustication tool to make this one...
  18. thesmokindragon

    C&D's Mad Fiddler Flake - The Devil Went Down To Georgia

    @perdurabo - Thanks for the suggestion on trying this blend...I can feel the TAD deep in my bones calling for another few pounds of this stuff. I had my first taste of Mad Fiddler Flake this morning in the new Radice Silk Cut those two made beautiful music together - all I head was...
  19. thesmokindragon

    It's Five O'Clock Somwewhere - Cornell & Diehl: Five O'Clock Shadow

    I just got some of C&D's Five O'Clock Shadow in, popped the 8oz tin open ( had a date of 08/2017 on it ) - the aroma from the tin was stewed fruits, but also some chocolate and nut with some wood and smoke in the distance - so at this point I'm trying not to drool into the tin, hehe - The plugs...
  20. thesmokindragon

    PAD and TAD Strike Again - Radice: Silk Cut Dublin

    Title says it all :puffy: I had been looking for a Radice Silk Cut for awhile now, when this one showed up the PAD kicked in. I also ordered some C&D's Mad Fiddler Flake to keep her company :worship: Measurements & Other Details ---------------------------- Length: 5.70 in./144.78 mm...