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  1. spyder71

    What I GAVE For Xmas

    Twas the giving season. My wife and I can only afford to do so much so this year was tough. Thankfully my two step kids are old enough to understand what broke means and were very happy with what they got. My step-son received a new Nintendo DS 3D, the thing is awesome and made a great...
  2. spyder71

    Briar Bid Listing That Speaks To Me

    I do not have a Canadian and I work on a very tight budget so I am hoping to score this one on the cheap! Mr. Paul Elite Canadian,name,100718,auction_id,auction_details It is from an American carver to boot! So far my old DG Viking is the only...
  3. spyder71

    Don't Like The New PhotoBucket!!!

    What else is out there?
  4. spyder71

    Cigar Sister Site?

    I don't know what is wrong with the way I am Googling but I can't seem to find Kevin's cigar forum. I just started smoking cigars after someone gave me a Rocky Patel Sumatra. Now I want all the info I can get on storage, humi care, lighting, etc. Anyone have a link handy? Thank You :D
  5. spyder71

    To Bristle Or Not To Bristle: A Poll

    I have only used the bristled cleaners to date and am about ready to order more. Just wondering if you all think the bristles are necessary or not. I am a little tired of them poking fingers when I clean my pipes. I couldn't find any info on this topic in the search function so though it might...
  6. spyder71

    Pot Shaped Bowl Question

    I have a Charatan with a rather big bowl opening, it measures 1"x1 1/4." So far all I have tried in this new to me pipe is some #1 Balkan by McClellen and am wondering if a certain type of baccy smokes better in a pot. I think the VA in the Balkan burned a little hot in the wide open chamber...
  7. spyder71

    My Favorite Pipe

    It is a Radice Rind O, but I am not going to brag about how pretty it is or how much it cost. I won't say anything about how well it smokes or how it feels in the hand. This pipe is not my favorite for any material reasons whatsoever. You see, this pipe was a gift from a member of this forum. I...
  8. spyder71

    For The Folks On The Forum

    I have been on this forum for over a year now. I found this site while laying in a hospital bed recovering from surgery on my broken back. Not only did I find the answers to my burning questions, literally burning because I torched my mouth so bad, but I also met a fine group of people! I don't...
  9. spyder71

    Jar Labels My Wife Made

    Wife made these up for me to use on the tobacco that I smoke most often, what a gal! I cut them out and pasted them on with Elmers school glue, aint they fancy!
  10. spyder71

    First Balkan

    Went to a B&M on my way to an appt and they had this wonderful smelling jar of #30/Balkan. The shop keeper said it is a McClellen blend and I am assuming it is #1030 Balkan. Anyhow, I was blown away by the taste of this baccy. Being my first Balkan I wasn't sure what to expect but the jar note...
  11. spyder71

    My New Mr. Brog!

    Here is a shoddy picture of a fantastic little pipe! It is #37 and came with the pipe rest and tool. They have a listing on E-Bay for a random pipe. I couldn't decide so I left it up to fate. I won the auction for a mere 15.50 and ship was free. This pipe is drilled spot on and the stems fit and...
  12. spyder71

    I Bought The Peterson Pipe And Lighter Set!

    You all may have seen Chispa selling this set for cheap and I snagged it. It almost got away, but it was just meant to be mine. The set also came with a VERY generous amount of swag! There was also a Penzance tin with a couple bowls in it but I forgot about it cuz I am smoking it now! Chispa is...
  13. spyder71

    Made A Cob Warden

    I had a stem from a broken Churchwarden and with a little sanding it fit my newest cob pretty darn nicely. Aint it pertty
  14. spyder71

    Just Tried Carter Hall

    I can't do a review due to inexperience but will say a few words about it. I like it better than PA so far and I happen to really like PA. It seems to my tongue to be mostly like PA but with a smoother taste and creamier feel. Just may be my new go to for first cup of joe and break in smokes :)
  15. spyder71

    Check Out My Pipes! (PIC HEAVY)

    I am in the process of cataloging my collection of pipes and thought I would share. It is a meager collection compared to most but folks around here simply love them some pipe porn so here goes... My new stand is what started all this and the pics that follow are my favorite daily smokers...
  16. spyder71

    Anglers Dream Question

    Is this an aro? Two out of the three reviews up for offer state that it is an aro but I don't get it. Been smoking it on and off for several months and assumed it was a VERY light English with a Burly base. I only smoke two aromatics that I know of, 1-Q and Nutty Irishman and they have dedicated...
  17. spyder71

    Bulk Pipe Cleaners: Where To Buy?

    Since I have been increasing the number of estates I'm taking in and then selling I have found that I go through a lot of bristle cleaners. I'm hoping someone can help me with a couple questions. Anyone have a source for pipe cleaners in bulk other than flea-bay? Has anyone tried the ZEN brand...
  18. spyder71

    Quick Opinions Wanted~Escorti Pipes

    I have seen several of these Escorti pipes on flea-bay that I really like the looks of but I am unfamiliar with the brand. Are they worth the 50-100.00 that I see them go for. Also, I have looked around with the search engine I use but trust the opinion of a lot of you guys, So was hoping to...
  19. spyder71

    First Fold And Stuff

    Just wanted to share that I have finally tried to just fold and stuff a slice of flake. I have four or five different flakes but just didnt have the courage to try for fear I would waste the bowl. So I am at this moment finishing a bowl Orlik Golden Slice. I wasn't a fan of the VA's until I...
  20. spyder71

    Having A Pretty Good Week!

    Having just sold a guitar I was able to buy the Sav Trevi( have been eye balling. Then the wife sees me looking at a Stanwell Golden Danish ( and tells my "Happy Valentines day hunny, click the...