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  1. crawdad

    Oh Noes!!!

    Dropped my first pipe, a fat Moretti and one of my favorites. The tenon broke where it joins the stem. No chance of repairing it. Does anyone know if Moretti has identical stems for sale?
  2. crawdad

    What Is This @ Bottom Of Bowl?

    Not sure if this is beginning of a burn out. I was cleaning this MM cob after smoking and I noticed a ‘shiny’ spot at the bottom of the bowl. Thought it was the back of the round MM label that covers the hardwood plug. Nope. Plug is solid. What is this ?
  3. crawdad

    Smokemaster Restoration, Kinda…

    A ways back I bought a crappy looking Smokemaster (Grabow) at an antique shop. I should have left it alone but for $4 I thought why the hell not. This is my first attempt at pipe restoration. I figured if all my efforts went to shit I’m just out $4 bucks. So this project turned out something...
  4. crawdad

    Don’t You Hate It When…

    …the best flavor you get with a smoke is from the relight(s)?
  5. crawdad

    Help Me Identify This

    At antique store and I saw this. Buying it as I think I want to restore a pipe. The lettering on shank is near unreadable. I’ve seen the marque but can’t remember who makes it.
  6. crawdad

    Lord Morgan

    My email feed dropped Missouri Meerschaum’s newest blend, Lord Morgan. Who’s getting it? I’m passing as I’m 1) not buying tobacco atm, and 2) I’m just not into new limited blends. $15.99? oof
  7. crawdad

    The World Series 2021

    Game 3 It begins… I want to see Ian Anderson really well tonight.
  8. crawdad

    Smart Bruyere

    Are these pipes any good?
  9. crawdad

    Navy Flake

    Been enjoying the results of cellaring some PS LNF. This is the only Navy Flake I’ve smoked. What other navy flake blends are good and tell me why.
  10. crawdad

    Hunting 2021

    With hunting just right around the corner, at least here in Virginia, who’s hunting what and what with? Got my muzzleloader sighted in and I’ve been practicing with my bow. I’ll be gone the first week of October camping and hunting elk in western Virginia with my primitive bow.
  11. crawdad

    How Wide Is Wide Enough?

    Looking for a pot shaped pipe and I was wondering how wide should the chamber be? I’ve seen some ‘pots’ in the .70s but my idea of a pot, to me is something in the high .80s to .90s. Help!
  12. crawdad

    Question About Stingers

    I have a Kaywoodie with a 4 hole ball stinger. Is the ball supposed to be completely hollow?
  13. crawdad

    Can Anyone Date This Kaywoodie

    Calling on all Kaywoodie savants, I need help dating this Kaywoodie 50B Silhouette with 4 hole stinger
  14. crawdad

    Still Getting What I Paid For?

    Ordered 4 oz of Wilke Crystal Palace on Friday. Get a email that it’s on its way, shows both billing and shipping addresses as my current one. Nothing shows up Thursday and again nothing waiting for me when I get home late tonight. I check the tracking app and it arrived yesterday morning at my...
  15. crawdad

    Live And Learn

    Last night I smoked my first bowl of 2/3 EGR 1/3 match Barking Dog in my Mark Twain cob. Previously I had smoked Half & Half in the same pipe and thus paid for my ignorance as the prior blend ghosted my cob, my most favorite cob. The taste of Luden’s Wild Cherry cough drops permeated EVERY damn...
  16. crawdad

    Letting It All Go

    After a few months of consideration I’ve finally decided to let go of my pipe and tobacco hobby. Now I’ve got to find the best way of selling off everything, both pipes and tobacco. I’d like to sell all of pipes in one fell swoop and later sell the tobacco in small batches. I guess I’d like so...
  17. crawdad

    Popeyes And Pipe Smoking

    Next time you go to Popeyes bring a pipe. I’m in line for first time at the newly opened local Popeyes, thirty minutes and I’m halfway there. Perfect time to smoke a bowl and work on one’s anger management.
  18. crawdad

    Carter Hall/Prince Edward

    For everyone hung up over these two Middleton blends you can get some tubs here... Milan Tobacconist
  19. crawdad

    Oh No!

    Just had surgery for a ruptured appendix so I’ll be under observation for a while. Then I find out two pipes I ordered just came in the mail today. Can’t see them, play with them or smoke them! Aarrgh...
  20. crawdad

    Baseball For Pipers

    Who here can remember pipe and cigar smoke out in the bleachers? I have a strong memory of someone several rows in front puffing away on a pipe. I was just a kid sitting there with my team’s hat on and a ball glove ready to catch a foul bowl and the aroma, probably Cherry Middleton, was...