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  1. AcesAndEights

    Why not, remember old times. And you?

    Me in the wannabe rock star days.
  2. AcesAndEights

    Table Drinkers

    I gave up drinking for Lent earlier this year, and actually made it the entire 40 days (didn’t make it the previous two times I tried! 😆). I decided to just keep it going. I wasn’t a huge drinker, but I did like to have a few on Friday and Saturday. I honestly don’t miss it. More money for...
  3. AcesAndEights

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Still a bit shocked I managed to get in on the drop.
  4. AcesAndEights

    Cringle Flake 2022 Dec 3rd

    I grabbed a couple tins. Gonna put it away for a while. Geeked out HARD on Christmas blends last year, so there’s quite a bit ahead of it. Christmas present for future me!
  5. AcesAndEights

    Sad News, Harris Has Passed

    Always enjoyed reading his posts. He was a character! In all the best ways! Prayers up
  6. AcesAndEights

    Esoterica In Stock at TP

    Holy moly. I actually scored a few tins. The only one I was interested in was Dorchester. Got two on the way! I honestly thought I’d have to pay $65/tin some day to try it! Thanks for the head’s up!!
  7. AcesAndEights


    Looks great. Pot roast and veggies from the crock pot for us tonight.
  8. AcesAndEights

    Filter pipes

    Mastro De Paja, Lorenzetti, Barling, Vauen and White Elephant all have 9mm pipes that are pretty affordable. I really like my Vauens and Lorenzettis. Just ordered a Mastro De Paja. Looking forward to its arrival!
  9. AcesAndEights

    Are You More Excited When

    Just took advantage of Black Friday sales. Ordered a pipe AND some baccy. Excitement all around.
  10. AcesAndEights

    Thanksgiving Wishes

    My wife pulled a 12 hour hospital shift yesterday as well. Just me, three little ones, and football yesterday. I enjoyed the turkey dinner I prepared. The kids liked the dinner rolls! Oh well. More leftovers for today!
  11. AcesAndEights

    Greeting from the Frozen Tundra

    Welcome from Colorado, it’s a tad frozen here today!
  12. AcesAndEights

    Whatcha Smokin' for the Holidays?

    Been smoking LJP Thanksgiving Day for the last few weeks. Got a jar of Figgy Pudding ready to go once the bird has its day of glory.
  13. AcesAndEights

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    I’m a lightweight, and it doesn’t seem to bother me. I’d say it’s pretty mild.
  14. AcesAndEights

    Recent TAD Pick-Ups

    Just a small order, but I couldn’t help it. Just HAD to nab one more of each for the ol’ cellar.
  15. AcesAndEights

    What Are Some Light/Sweet VA/VaPers?

    I’ll throw a vote for Country Squire’s Green Dragon in the hat.
  16. AcesAndEights

    In Praise of Tobacco

    “If you can’t send money, send tobacco.” -George Washington
  17. AcesAndEights

    Calling the Pipe Wizards! Pronunciations of Names.
  18. AcesAndEights

    SPC Christmas Spirit

    Niiiiiice. Well played, sir!
  19. AcesAndEights

    Indiana Hoosier

    Welcome from northern Colorado!
  20. AcesAndEights

    Salmon Nuff Said