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  1. Jeremiah Johnson

    Pure St. James Perique?

    Is there pure St James Perique sold retail for blending? And while we’re talking St James Perique, do any of the producers let folks visit the facility? I’d love to do that, even if I’ve yet to haul my ass to Louisiana. Something for my bucket list though!
  2. Jeremiah Johnson

    Sorting/Sifting Tobacco

    Does anyone have a good method for sifting tobacco (ribbon) when you get near the bottom of a jar and there’s good ribbon combined with powdery stuff? Does a record sleeve work? ;)
  3. Jeremiah Johnson

    What are the Largest Sized Jars You Use?

    What are the largest sized jars you use when jarring tobacco for long-term storage
  4. Jeremiah Johnson

    Very-Fine Ribbon Cuts

    What is the sort of very-fine ribbon-cut like G&H Kendal Dark and Five Brothers called? I like the way those two pack and burn, and would like to explore some other tobaccos with that type of cut. Any suggestions?
  5. Jeremiah Johnson

    B&Ms In NYC?

    Does anyone know of any brick & mortar shops in NYC (preferably in Manhattan), with a really good selection of pipe tobacco? I doubt such a place still exists. I know there are a gazillion vape shops. Just wondering!
  6. Jeremiah Johnson

    Ribbon-Cut Va/Per Recommendations?

    Can anyone recommend a readily-available ribbon-cut Va/Per similar to Escudo? So many Va/Pers come in flakes and coins, but I prefer ribbon-cut or another loose cut. Oh, one available in bulk would be nice. Thanks, and Happy Independence Day!
  7. Jeremiah Johnson

    2019 Peterson Christmas Pipe Gurgling

    I have the 2010 Peterson Christmas Pipe in this shape, and while I like the pipe, I often get some gurgling, even when the pipe is clean and clear. Has anyone experienced this, and any ideas as to why I'm getting that gurgling and what I might be able to do about it...
  8. Jeremiah Johnson

    Phillip Morris Wants Cigarettes Banned In UK By 2030?
  9. Jeremiah Johnson

    Why No Ingredient Listings?

    Seeing as the FDA or whoever has seen fit to require prominent warnings an cigarette and pipe tobacco packaging, why have they never required manufacturers to include complete ingredient listings on the packaging as well? Have they ever considered that?
  10. Jeremiah Johnson

    The Pipe: A Functional Work Of Art

    P & C is again offering a copy of this with orders of $99+, but I see you can view the whole book(let?) here: EDIT: Please disregard - I don’t think this is actually the whole book!
  11. Jeremiah Johnson

    Best Way to Smoke Old Joe Krantz?

    Old Joe Krantz has become my favorite tobacco, but because it’s so dry I always get a short smoke. Although I use my largest pipes, it’s still pretty short, even if I puff slowly. I need recommendations for inexpensive, good smokers with a high-capacity bowl, and also any other advice people...
  12. Jeremiah Johnson

    Why Did D&R Stop Selling Picayune?

    Why did Daughters & Ryan stop making and selling Picayune, instead of stopping something like Three Sails, which people joke about? Or one of their other many blends? Surely Picayune stood out as being a blend with one of the highest amounts of nicotine; it must have sold more than many of their...
  13. Jeremiah Johnson

    What Do You Do With The Dregs?

    I've been smoking a lot of Old Joe Krantz lately, so I have a small jar (I think an 8-oz jar) that I keep refilling from a larger jar. Whenever I get near the bottom of the smaller jar, I end up with a decent amount of the powdery remains (very small flakes, not really powder). I don't want to...
  14. Jeremiah Johnson

    Haunted Bookshop And OJK: Tinned VS Bulk?

    Is there any discernable difference between the tinned and bulk versions of Haunted Bookshop and Old Joe Krantz aside from moisture level? I feel like I once read where someone claimed the bulk versions had a slightly lesser nic-hit, but not sure why that would be. Maybe I dreamt it.
  15. Jeremiah Johnson

    The Initial Tamp

    I while back I bought an estate pipe on eBay. and when it arrived, the receipt included some basic pipe-smoking instructions. In describing the initial tamp after the first lighting, the seller said to tamp down in the center of the chamber only, and said that on the second (main) lighting, the...
  16. Jeremiah Johnson

    How Can I Find YTPC Livestreams?

    I've subscribed to a number of the channels of people in the YTPC, but I don't know when they do regularly-scheduled livestreams (including Virtual Pipe Clubs). When I subscribe to the channels, I set the Alerts to show me All Alerts, but I usually never notice the alerts. Is there any kind of...
  17. Jeremiah Johnson

    Is There Any Hope For D&R Picayune?

    Based on your past experience, do you think there's any chance that Daughters & Ryan might resume selling their Picayune tobacco? I started smoking a pipe last April, and when I discovered Picayune, I had just enough time to buy 12 ounces of it, when it stopped production! :cry: I'm smoking a...
  18. Jeremiah Johnson

    Replacing a Peterson P-Lip Stem

    I have a new Peterson pipe which I really like, except for the mouthpiece. It's a half-bent P-Lip stem, and I don't like the P-Lip feature. I'd never tried one before, and in fact didn't even know quite what P-Lip meant when I ordered the pipe (I should have done that little bit of research!)...
  19. Jeremiah Johnson

    C&D Gray Ghost

    Smoking a bowl of Cornell & Diehl Gray Ghost - a cigar leaf and Virginia blend. Really enjoying it! The positive reviews I've read are right on. A nice Virginia smoke with cigar leaf adding some creaminess, leather, etc. Any fans of this one? (I probably just put this in the What are you...
  20. Jeremiah Johnson

    Tobacco Topping Fraud

    What's the deal with either tobacco blenders being dishonest about whether or not a flavoring is added to some blends, or reviewers being convinced that a topping IS added? Someone's not telling the truth. Or is it that blenders don't want to give away the recipe for the secret sauce? Also...