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  1. pitchfork

    Tobacco Warning Labels by King James I

    Saw this on Twitter - tobacco warning labels based on King James I's "A Counterblaste to Tobacco" (1604).
  2. pitchfork

    Irish Thirds: An Unfortunate Name

    If you've spent much time in Ireland or know Irish people, then you probably know that "th" is usually pronounced like a regular "t" (without the "h"). Anyway, I chuckled when I saw these.
  3. pitchfork

    1895 Birmingham Hallmark Mistaken for 1876

    Just FYI, if you're thinking of bidding on a pipe from "1876" it's probably actually from 1895 - still very old, but not one of the oldest briar pipes in existence. For example, this one...
  4. pitchfork

    Trying Haddo's Delight for the First Time

    I've been smoking a pipe for about 9 years, and I'm just now getting around to trying Haddo's Delight. It's definitely a new favorite. I was a little put off by the long, soft ribbon cut - for some reason I was expecting something chunkier and more dense -- and I figured it would need a bigger...
  5. pitchfork

    Favorite Nougat, Caramel, or Chocolate/Vanilla Aromatic?

    Some of the recent threads on aromatics had me cracking open a jar of Peterson's Connoisseur's Choice yesterday and I really enjoyed it. I rarely smoke aromatics, but I'm looking to smoke them more often. So, what's your favorite nougat, chocolate/vanilla, or caramel aromatic?
  6. pitchfork

    Pipes Left Outside All Winter (Before + After)

    Last fall I left two pipes outside on a window sill. The window sill is fairly wide (it has a built-in flower box) and there's an eave over it, so the pipes didn't soaking wet from rain and snow unless the wind was really blowing. Anyhow, we live in New England, so it gets cold. And it's...
  7. pitchfork

    1900 BBB Restoration by Piffyr

    Another amazing pipe transformation by Anthony/Piffyr. I had been looking for a BBB with silver screw mount, the "Beaufort Screw," and the only one I could find was this one, which was in terrible shape. So I sent it to Anthony and...I'll let the pictures speak for themselves. Before:
  8. pitchfork

    New Forum Topics

  9. pitchfork

    Can These Pipes Be Repaired? (Pinhole in Bowl)

    Two of my favorite pipes, both Dublins, have chambers that were drilled too close to the bottom of the stummel and both now have small holes where the briar is thinnest. Is it possible to repair these? On the Tilshead, there is a soft spot about 3 mm in diameter that is starting to crack...
  10. pitchfork

    Barling's Make 1123 "SM" -- Date?

    Paging Jesse Silver... So I just won this Barling's Make for a not insane price and now I'm wondering what it is I have exactly. I'm assuming it's pre-transition, that the "SM" stands for "small," and that the shape number, "1123" means it's a...
  11. pitchfork

    Fake Dunhill Alert (Again?)

    Clearly a fake Dunhill -- a smooth "Shell." Haven't we seen this one before? Unfortunately, there are quite a few bids on it already.
  12. pitchfork

    Revisiting War Horse Green

    Like War Horse Bar, the topping on my War Horse Green has started to settle down a few weeks after opening the tin. I can actually taste tobacco now, whereas before I could mainly taste an overwhelming anise flavor. (I still think the anise is a bit out of balance, but maybe that's just me.)...
  13. pitchfork

    No More Saddle Bits on Dunhill Bamboo PIpes?

    Has anyone else noticed this? Everywhere I see new Dunhill bamboo shank pipes listed for sale, they have tapered bits rather than saddle bits. For almost two years I've been shopping for a Group 3 saddle-bit bamboo-shank billiard (the famous "Whangee"), but all I see on new models is the...
  14. pitchfork

    War Horse Bar!

    This stuff is wonderful. My tins just arrived yesterday and I've had two bowls of the Bar and one of the Green. I expect this will be an everyday smoke for me. I have to admit, I was skeptical as to whether genuine British plug-style flavors could be recreated by a small, U.S. operation, but...
  15. pitchfork

    Gert Holbek Pickaxe (Pipe-Dan)

    A 1960s pickaxe from Pipe-Dan made by Gert Holbek. It looks to be a sandlbasted version of the "Marcellus" shape. The listing for this one described it just as a Pipe-Dan pipe from the "Elsinore" series, but didn't mention Holbek by name, so it kind of flew under the radar. I've wanted one of...
  16. pitchfork

    Origins of the Dunhill Shell Finish

    On the thread about whether briar "breathes" or not, we got into a discussion of Algerian briar and the Dunhill Shell finish. Sasquatch then wrote the following: From a Dunhill patent submitted 1918 describing the oil curing and sandblasting processes:
  17. pitchfork

    1913 BBB: Why Did it Sell for $300? This one is a mystery to me. It's a 1913 BBB straight Dublin "Own Make" with a Glokar stem. On the plus side, it's over 100 years old, it's an "Own Make" (BBB's best line at the time) and it has the somewhat unusual "Glokar" stem. On the down side, it's...
  18. pitchfork

    "The Brierwood Pipe" (1864)

    I don't know how I missed this before, but Winslow Homer painted a pair of NY soldiers smoking a briar pipe in 1864. "The Brierwood Pipe"
  19. pitchfork

    War Horse Bar and Nicotine?

    I love British (and Irish) plugs and so I'm really excited about the new War Horse. A couple of questions for Dan and the others involved. 1. Is the planned fall release of War Horse for the plug/bar or for a ready-rubbed version? 2. What about Lady Nicotine? Everyone who's smoked the...
  20. pitchfork

    Finishing My Cigar the Cajun Way

    A while back, Bradley mentioned smoking the nub of a cigar by stuffing it into a pipe and smoking it. I've done it a couple of times and it works like a charm -- it's really not much different from using an old cheroot holder. One trick that I do, which someone once told me allows you to save a...